Samuel Helgesen, 2006 Norwegian champion, +90 kg, has got the same haircut.Samuel and his buddy yvind Fjeldseth fight with Csaba Kocsis:Sorry for the poor qualifity of the last two pics!
I mean, no bodybuilder would nowadays wear those sort of trunks Arnold and his contemporaries had on when they entered the stage 30 years ago.
The whole sport of bodybuilding has totally changed since the times of Arnold, Reg Park, and Dave Draper. Take a good-looking guy who appears to take care of himself, walks tall and confidently, holds his head high and may not be overly successful but shows a certain strength in what he chooses to do for a living.
The problem some see with this guy is the one fact – he does NOT communicate well with others. In a strange way we do find women who are primarily attracted to better looking guys BUT it’s not for the reasons we usually assume.
We understand women are more naturally attracted to communication and socializing and yet they do find themselves attracted to good-looking guys who are quiet and shy. Obviously this type guy is NOT triggering those items like some men do but yet she is still drawn to him. Is it because we as people assume the quiet ones are less concerned with those around them? He doesn’t brag or display over-confidence but is that because of his shy nature or is it that he’s truly humble?

We must admit since love and hate are so closely related we can, women included, easily find ourselves attracted to someone we actually hate. My point now becomes yet another question we must ask ourselves if we’re wondering whether or not girls like quiet guys.
Are we asking it because we do lack the attractive skills of communication and it’s not something we are willing to overcome? Either giving us real proof before we put ourselves our there or a definite answer to avoid being rejected. Whether a girl likes a quiet guy or not should have nothing to do with our ability to create attraction.
Being quiet, shy, humbled, reserved, socially held back or refraining ourselves from communicating with women may have a use to the less than handsome guys out there.
Women must feel compelled or urged to want to know more about you so she can become deeply attracted to you. Girls may find themselves attracted to the mystery of a quiet guy BUT (generally speaking) she is more attracted to the unknown than she is to the man. Girls DO like the shy thing a little because it may be a sign of humbleness or a guy’s natural indifference to the world around him.
It also may encourage her to step up to the challenge or bask in the satisfaction of opening up a man.

Girls are rarely if ever attracted to guys who are less than average and show absolutely no signs of social competence and sexual communication.
Some guys may benefit from refraining a little from the small talk and sort of allowing HER to qualify herself more to him AND to create a little mystery so she has something to look for.
A woman’s attraction is triggered deeper by guys who COMMUNICATE the right things and will always outnumber the totally silent guys. Cocky Comedy – How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And Literally Addicted To Being Around You. No, there will not be any free beer or hot women screaming and begging you to drink up but just more tips, deals, updates, and everything is centered around making you a more attractive guy.
Specifically those who are more concerned with how others see them and use it as a gauge to judge themselves. If you want to keep up with the time, you cannot exclude modern posing-pouches or modern hairstyles. She may be, in the very broadest sense, using him to make herself look and feel better about who she is.

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