Women aspire to the supermodel features of model Cara Delevingne, 21, with men more attracted to the softer features of actress Megan Fox, 27.Ladies admire the pert and perky breasts of Jennifer Aniston, 45, while men appreciate the fuller bust of US TV star Kim Kardashian, 33.
And 50-year-old Elle Macpherson - still known as The Body - came top of the female poll for perfect pins.Men and women are equally conflicted with the masculine ideal. Emily Bendell, founder of Bluebella who conducted the survey, said: a€?Interestingly, the sum of all these parts does not match perceived physical perfection - neither men nor women opted for six-foot, stick-thin teenage models or perfectly chiselled, super-groomed guys. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Ladies are charmed by the beautiful, open face of Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan, 31, while men want the flawed but chiselled bone structure of Bradley Cooper, 39.
Ask a bar girl why she wants a farang and she'll tell you straight out so that he can "take care of her" typically this means financially.
I don't doubt that Thai girls are attracted to Farang guys, no offence to Thai guys but if I was a girl i'd be more interested in a farang as well.But is it possible for a Thai girl to love a Farang for more than financial means? Not sure, most of the successful relationships I've seen in Thailand well the guy already has a lot of money and it lasts because he didn't run out of money so it's a bit hard to make a concensus there.Even though if I was a Thai guy I wouldn't be attracted to a Thai guy physically but if I was a Thai girl I'd wanna hook up with a rich Thai dude before I'd hook up with a Farang and if you look that's what happens anyway.
Most of the good looking Thai girls are usually hooked up with some rich hiso Thai dude anyway and it's typically the poorer darker girls who can't bag themselves a rich Thai guy because well she ain't his cup of tea anyway.
So are farang getting the shit end of the stick?My thoughts are that Thai girls want a farang guy because she beleives he will take care of her and will be faithful. Maybe I just roll around in the majority circle cause most guys I know who come to Thailand were faithful back home but with the variety and choice in Thailand they change they become sex fiends and one is never enough although we all keep one girl around we like, sometimes 2 or three ?? Do Thai girls really like farang or is it all BS and they are just after someone to take care of them. Even the more prettier girls who have some money I've been told by them that they want some guy to take care of them give them 20-30,000 a month so they don't have to work. And 10k baht isn’t enough (as compared to her 6k?) and she doesn’t have to work 12 hour days 28 days a month?

But I must ask…With the plethora of choice (pussy buffet), why eat the same dish every day? Leave that back in your own country where choice is limited based on the rule of woman.Keep a 2 day rule in Thailand and enjoy the buffet. Usually you can?t do EVERYTHING with a girl you haven?t been with for a short time, if you are a experienced, advanced sex maniac. As Chris says over: I have my favorite food that I eat all the time, instead of tasting food I dont?t like. I’m a bit older now and live around half my life in the land of Thai, which will be full time soon. The sex keeps getting better and better and more and more fun, and that makes us closer in so many other ways. She has taught me as much as I’ve taught her, perhaps more, and getting to know her body and make her happy in bed has been a source of great joy. Reply ronnie August 4, 2012 at 12:43 pm # Hi Chris,interesting website-do you you have any link references to similar info sites (hotels,clubs to hit,cool lounges places up etc) for Japan + Taiwan or other countries? She had met him whilst she was at college and never worked or had a job, ever, just totally relied on her husband for every baht.
I pointed out that she might gain more of a sense of self worth if she worked at least part time and would meet new friends.
I asked her, should they split up, how she would expect to get a job having no work place experience? We are many farangs who look for the same because westerns is too selfish in relationships who complain and nagging all the time.
It?s so easy to get sex with westerns, so why go all the way and pay in Thailand when you can get it for free easily home?

It?s the good thai girls values who attract ME to find a nice, honest good looking thai girl. Reply Sam September 15, 2013 at 3:24 pm # Hey, did you make a post yet about the virgins or at least a good thai girl?
The people of Namyue from modern day china migrated to what is called vietnam today and stole land from the dark skin people.
If you don’t obey them, they go and buy another prostitute wife or they just leave you and go elsewhere in the world. Reply Gabe Asher January 19, 2016 at 4:45 pm # I like me a white, Western woman, physically. Most come here to score, have no idea how to relate to women, and are nomadic heart-breakers and users. Reply wildeman September 6, 2015 at 1:17 pm # Pmsl I was married to a air hostess in England who was fit as.
There is even a tv programme called millionaire mmatchmaker so what’s the difference????? As a parent I want my daughters to marry someone who can give her a nice life if possible rather than a down and out.

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