Tiffany's Solo Debut, VIXX’s 5th Win, Lay Is Too Exhausted, Wonder Girls Comeback, And Monsta X Teasers! Tiffany's Solo Debut, VIXX’s 5th Win, Lay Is Too Exhausted, Wonder Girls Comeback, And Monsta X Teasers! Exo was my first group and lay was my first bias and i think its best for him to leave Exo. Cant wait for the comebacks!I literally screamed when i saw hyuna and keumjos cover of baek yerins as i am, i really love that song! I understand why everyone wants to blame SM for what's going on with Lay's health but it really isn't their fault what he does when he's not with EXO or doing EXO related promotions, etc.
Sometimes I feel like pinching myself because I can’t believe I get to do what I love and have so much fun while at it. Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Russell CroweNew father Ryan Gosling is happier than he's ever been after the birth of his daughter Amada Lee. The actor and his girlfriend Eva Mendes surprised fans on Monday (09May16) after it was revealed the actress had given birth in secret to their second child on 29 April (16), just weeks after news of her pregnancy broke. Go Back in Time using our Photos archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past.
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He signed with YG because he wanted to be in a "safe and well-established environment." This is a surprise signing by YG Entertainment. Lay is in charge of his own schedule and as a major EXO stan I think he needs to give himself a break.

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Throughout the years as a wedding photographer I’ve worked really hard to define my style and make it look not only beautiful, consistent but also real.
I love him and would like to see him more often but not if it means his health is compromised. One of my most important goals as a wedding photographer is to make sure my pictures look natural, spontaneous, I want to capture the real essence of my couples and their love for each other. To achieve this feat a soldier must score over 90 in combat, physical, mentality, and shooting. His health is more important to me than EXO's comeback in June or any other kind of EXO event.
It’s not so much about posing them perfectly, it’s more about making them interact! The background can be anything, a park, a beach, a street, anywhere, my focus is more about interacting with them, making sure they have a great time and get the best out of them.
The only songs from Hello Venus that I've heard were upbeat dance tracks so listening to this song was a new experience to me. Even though the girls won't be promoting this track they will be getting ready to make a summer comeback. It's sad that we've turned out this way." The 35-year-old actor quipped that he and Russell had undergone a "conscious un-buddying" since filming their roles as a pair of freelance investigators in the Shane Black buddy movie.
What did you guys think of their track "Glow"??PT???160509 ZTAO "Edge of Innocence" Official Movie TrailerA teaser for Tao's upcoming movie, 'Edge of Innocence' has been released.

In this movie Tao's love interest could a hold a secret deadly past but that doesn't appear to stop him from wanting to be with her.
I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at The Biltmore Hotel in Miami, it’s going to be spectacular!
They have the visuals and vocals to back it up.Monsta X has released individual member teasers for their comeback album 'The Clan Part. After rumors surfaced that Wonder Girls were making a comeback, a rep from JYPE responded by saying that the girls are currently working on music and are gearing up for a summer comeback.
The rep also added that there is no date set for their comeback but it will be over summer. Are you guys excited for a Wonder Girls comeback?AOA - JOYFUL WEEKENDS WITH AOA (TEASER WEEKEND VER.)AOA has released a "weekend" teaser for their 'Good Luck' comeback. AOA will be making their comeback on the 16th.Yesterday it was reported that Lay passed out because of food poisoning but now it's been revealed that he passed out from exhaustion. While blaming SM is the obvious and easy choice, fans have pointed out that Lay is the one responsible for booking his appearances and promotions in China when he's not with EXO.

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