Seriously, I would drag my balls through ten miles of crushed glass just to hear her in the second pic farting over a walkie-talkie. In this particular instance it was for the role she's playing in the upcoming Hunger Games finale films. Skin Diamond had it in a porno once, couldn't stop thinking how much better she would look with the rest of her hair.
IHAVEATHINGFOREXO - THIS OR THAT POLL #147: EXO ARMPITS: DO YOU GUYS LIKE IT MANLY AND HAIRY OR CLEAN AND SHAVED? It's ugly, never saw the fascination with it, especially when seeing some adult film stars with the same look a few years ago.

However, I think given a few years people will quite literally consider this hairsytle WORSE than the mullet. I prefer the hair to be short or curly but in general I like undercuts on both men and women. I personally love when my wife gets the lower half of her head shaved and leaves the top long. Yes, I like only one half of the vag shaved so I can experience hairy and smooth penetration during sex depending on what half I favour.
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Not sure why I see so many questions asking what men think but don't care about the responses.

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