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For extra credit, you could create the shortcut without a UAC prompt (it just takes a little more work). Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis.
By the way, any way to replace the default task manager opening (for example when right click on the taskbar, and click on “Task Manager”) with this? I didn’t even realize you could associate hotkey combos with shortcuts until reading this. Is it possible to set the shortcut to ctrl +shift + esc instead of the regular task manager?
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When you first open up the manager, the first thing you should see is a list of programs running either actively or in the background. The processes tab in the task manager gives you more information than the applications tab.
Ending processes or process trees (multiple processes connected together) can result in problems with running programs in the future and corrupt data. Another area to look at is the services tab, which provides a list of services that perform different functions on the computer. Registry Reviver will find and fix problems, and restore optimum PC performance quickly, easily and safely. Ask a question to our community of experts from around the world and receive an answer in no time at all.
Quickly and safely remove security threats, prevent them from reoccurring and keep your PC protected. Windows Task Manager, among other functions, allows you to stop applications and processes that are interfering with the Windows operating system or particular programs and applications.
For some time, the familiar three-finger tactic of Ctrl+Alt+Del would bring you directly to Windows Task Manager.
The easiest method for opening Windows Task Manager is to right-click the taskbar and then select Task Manager. All information is included to create a HotKey for Windows Task Manager, or any other application. Ctrl+Shift+Esc will bring up the Task Manager as well, at least on most versions of Windows.
Martin's Comment: Please note that there may be malware that blocks the task manager completely, so that not the access method, but the program itself cannot be opened by the user of the operating system. Don't forget the awesome Process Hacker and System Explorer too plus they are portable as well.

Run SAS then select Preferences to open the SAS Control Panel and click the Repairs tab to show a list of possible repairs - including Enable Task Manager. I need to run the Windows 8 task manager as administrator from a standard user account's login session.
Now I understand all the glitzy improvements in Windows 8's task manager, but where the heck is "Show processes for all users" button?
I also understand that I can create a shortcut to run task manager as admin and place it on my desktop, but I rarely see my desktop. If you're running as an administrator, the Task Manager is already elevated by default in Windows 8.
If you are running as a standard user, there doesn't seem to be any built-in way to elevate the Task Manager. The Logo+S key combination works in Windows 8.1 to specifically bring up the "Search Everywhere" charm.
In the charms bar, use search and search for taskmgr right click and choose run as administrator or highlight in the search results and ctrl-shift-enter. Can you go over your answer with a bit more detail to allow other people that don't know what you mean to understand it.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-8 task-manager or ask your own question. How can I find out if a process listed in task manager under Windows 8 is running with administrative privileges? How to translate a list of English words in to other language using online translation service with mathematica? Why doesn't Stream#reduce implicitly accept an accumulative function handling super type elements?
One of our readers wrote in with this same question, so I’m writing it up for everybody. It can provide you with all the information you need to determine what programs can be closed that are taking up too much memory, what percentage of your PC is being used by what processes, and find out other information about your computer’s usage.
The differences between applications, processes and services can mean you have a better grasp on your PC’s memory usage as well as overall performance, saving you frustration and hardships in the long run. To boot this tool up, the most common way is to press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys altogether at once, then click Task Manager. The programs tab will allow you to view the full list of apps, and to the right you’ll be able to see what percentage of physical memory and CPU usage that is being used by each program individually. In processes, you’ll see a list of every process running (some programs and Internet browsers can run more than one) and the memory and CPU usage of each one. However, like applications, if a process is taking up too much memory and you want to end it, right-clicking and ending it manually is a possible solution, especially if a program is not responding when you attempt to shut it down otherwise. This is a two-click method, but you can also create an Automatic HotKey that will bring up the task manager with a single key click. You will trick any virus and be able to stop malware processes and effectively remove the malware using your antivirus software. Your best in such a situation is to scan the system with antivirus software like Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG or one of the commercial solutions like Kaspersky, Symantec or BitDefender. Her most recent interest is social media, and how it is changing everyone's life drastically. If Task Manager was disabled by a virus and still won't open after you have removed the virus there are several tools that will fix it - an easy one to use is SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) Free edition and there is a portable version so it doesn't even need to be installed.

It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.
The online support will remotely access your computer and fix almost any tech problem you have. Under Windows 7 I used to right-click the task bar or hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and pick "Task Manager", then when the task manager window pops up on the screen I'd click the button in the bottom left corner (can't remember its exact name, something to the effect of "Show processes for all users") and the task manager will start as an admin. However, you can create a batch file that launches RunAs to launch the Task Manager, save that, and put a shortcut to it.
In Windows 7 and later OSes, there's not much risk in running as an admin by default if you have UAC enabled and are careful with what you do. At the bottom of the window are three important sections to look at: the total number of processes running, the total percentage of CPU usage taken up, and the total percentage of physical memory used.
Just as with the applications menu, processes can be ended manually through the task manager, but a warning will appear that processes are not meant to be ended in this manner.
You also have the option to locate the process or processes associated with them in the Task Manager. Now it simply brings up a Windows Security Screen presenting five options, one of which is Windows Task Manager. Together Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del keys, then in the Windows Task Manager window select on Process tab. It actually is capable of hijacking web browsers on compromised computers to then divert malicious web traffic to established hazardous websites.
Is there a simpler method to do this that I'm sure Microsoft thought of in their infinite wisdom? I like the fact that you can configure this service to run certain programs as an administrator automatically and transparently (even when not on an administrator account). Often, malware processes that are actively running will not be quarantined by many antivirus programs. As stated previously, malware can block this tried and true tactic, though it is reasonable to try this first. Simply right-click on your desktop and select New and then click Shortcut and a window will open. It even sneakily steals victimized users’ confidential information for participating in illegal commercial activities.
If you want to make the UI nicer and avoid having to use a specific account for the RunAs command line program, you can use the Elevation VBS tool to launch the Task Manager elevated and show a standard UAC prompt.
So when configured SuRun will intercept a request to start task manager and pipe the request as an Admin, either prompting for a password or using a preconfigured admin account. An even easier way is to right-click anywhere on the task bar, and from the menu, select Start Task Manager. If you are unable to open Task Manager from the start menu because a virus has locked you out, how do you open it? This article gives you six different ways to ensure access to the Task Manager so that you can stop malware processes and take back control of your PC. This will create a desktop icon allowing you to immediately open Windows Task Manager in the event of malware infection or any other reason.

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