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Start your day off right with an uplifting 90-second message delivered to your mailbox for free. After William Shatner asks her to describe the perfect date (as in like a picnic, walk on the beach, what have you), Cheryl takes the meaning a tad differently and picks April 25.
Each day at 7:30am I take a bus to our white house (our classroom, directly across from the Times Union). If I choose to go alone, I really will not be going “alone.” I will be dancing and hanging out with my friends and all of my attention would not be going toward a date if I were to bring one.
I have heard many girls say, “if I don’t have a date I’m not going.” It’s your junior and senior dance and those events happen only once. Enjoy yourself and your friends, without the added stress of a date that can occur in some scenarios.
Typically, men are pigeon-holed into spending oodles of dough for the February 14th V-day event on the woman in their life, whether they are smitten or not. Mistress Day is quite a departure from Valentine’s Day, save for the fact that they are so close in proximity by date. Valentine’s Day is for schlubs who give into the cookie-cutter cards and stale chocolate which tastes slightly similar to the faux guilded cardboard box it comes in.
Mistress Day is for the sugar baby who wants it all, and the sugar daddies who can provide it all.
SugarCookie writes: Christmas present from my sugar daddy, a diamond tennis bracelet with diamond earrings. Chocolatelove writes: One of my many shopping sprees with my sugar daddy, Christian Louboutin and a diamond necklace.

GF Mate is the ultimate place to find yourself a hot teenage girlfriend who is willing to do anything to be by your side. Blogger, Author, and Sugar Daddy on the down low, David Montrose shares his tips and tricks on navigating the Sugar Daddy lifestyle.
A woman with grown children talked about how important it is to have a date night, and I nodded my head in agreement. Make time to spend with your husband, just talking–about something other than disciplining the children and paying bills!
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According to the highs and lows in Atlantic City, where the most recent Miss America pageant was held in September, it will get up to 57 degrees.
I stay there until about 11:30am and then get on a bus to go back to my home school, Schalmont High School. Who is wearing what dress, who is going with whom, what shoes are being worn, what hairstyle has been chosen, and so on. And remember: depending on the date you choose, bringing no one and just hanging out with your friends could be more enjoyable than actually having a date.
Mistress Day, on February 13th, provides an exciting alternative for men to appreciate the women they have actual love for, their mistresses!
The redundantly boring schlubs who buy into, rather cheaply I might add, Valentine’s Day spend it whorishly with their schlubish wives.
This holiday celebrates the most beautiful and powerful sexual prowess’s and their male admirers. We update our sugar baby blog with new stories and advice for anyone interested in getting involved in the sugar dating lifestyle. In my book, Intentional Marriage, I include a list of 101 conversation questions that you can use to have some fun conversations with your spouse.

But if it gets any lower than that today, we might need to put on a sweater under that light jacket. However, the most talked about and most frequent question I hear among students is “who are you going with?” This seems to be the million dollar question.
I wish to spend my time with my friends because soon I will be going off to college and I will no longer see them every day as I have for the past 4 years+.
Now before I excuse you for your wavering attention and disgust, let me simply explain the current role of the mistress in our society: The mistress is just a strong woman who gets her way.
The mistress doesn’t expect or strong arm a sugar daddy into lavishing her with extraneous gifts or experiences. One schlub falls asleep with plastic-like chocolate stuck in between incisors and molars, begging to be brushed, impending decay an afterthought. More often than not, though, her role is to take control of situations with men whom she spends her time. Sugar daddies fumble trying to gain her affections, showering her with as much as they can afford. They want to give everything to their mistress, the one they really love, because she doesn’t expect it and is humbled by appreciation. To set himself apart from the other SD’s vying for her attention, money is no object, and they all try to out-do each other, the result?

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