When you’re first starting out with metal stamping, figuring out *what materials you need can be the hardest part. If you’re considering stamping into silverware, note that stainless steel is MUCH harder than nickel silver.
I have listed beginner kits here with links to them on Amazon if you dig through my project and tools posts, Maria. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Alkeme is softer than regular base metal, but it can be buffed to a high shine like sterling silver.
Copper is easy to hammer, form and stamp and has a warm color that looks good on every skin tone. We use all of these materials in our metal stamped designs and find that each material offers something different to the design table.

I enter the starter giveaway – crossing fingers LOL, it would help me to get started on this.
Until you get the hang of stamping, we suggest you start with a softer and more affordable stamping surface.
This material is very easy to stamp, but it’s a little harder than pewter.  We are simply mad for this new material! ImpressArt Premium Stamps have a lifetime guarantee and are specifically designed for use with hard metals. Projects in this blog are NOT intended for all ages and skill levels but for people 13 years and older who possess basic craft knowledge.
A single image with a direct link back to this blog may be used in blog round-ups or blog feature posts but any other use of materials from this blog without our express permission is strictly prohibited.
We’ve made this metal stamping blanks hardness chart to help you decide which material best suits your needs.

If you do hammer the surface, do that before you stamp so you aren’t hammering your stamped areas flat.
Pewter is an alloy, created mostly from tin with trace elements of other metals like copper, bismuth and antimony. Try riveting, layering and alternating between the two for stunning finished pieces.  Finally, Nickel Silver is the hardest material.
It’s often plated for use in jewelry and decorative objects, though nickel silver stamping blanks are not plated.

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