This tutorial shows you how to create a horizontal drop-down menu for site navigation using the Spry widget in Dreamweaver. These features are included in the Spry Insert bar at the top left of the workspace in Dreamweaver CS3 and in the Spry Insert panel at the top right in Dreamweaver CS4. With Spry you can easily create features, which combine Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript to create drop-down menus and collasible panels that can be opened and closed without site users needing to reload a page. Even before you start creating a navigation menu like the one shown here, take some time to plan how best to organize the links and structure of your site. You can add a Spry menu to a new or existing page, but like most of the features in Dreamweaver, things works better when you’ve first defined your Web site in Dreamweaver. To insert a Spry menu, first open the Spry Insert Bar at the top of the workspace by clicking on the Spry Tab, or choosing Spry from the Insert Bar drop-down list.
You can use the Spry Menu Bar option to create a menu that displays horizontally across your page with sub-menu options that drop-down below the menu bar. When a menu bar is inserted, Dreamweaver populates it with placeholder text: Item 1, Item 2, etc.
To edit the text in the submenus, or to add or remove menu items, you need to first display the Spry menu options in the Property inspector. With the Spry menu options open in the Property inspector at the bottom of the work area, you can edit the submenu text by first selecting the menu item in the left-most menu field, and then selecting the submenu item in the middle menu field.
You can add menu or submenu items by selecting any item listed in the Property inspector and then clicking on the plus (+) sign at the top of the corresponding menu field. A menu bar, by design, should include links to the main sections and subsections of a Web site. To edit the text and background colors in a Spry menu, you must edit the corresponding styles. To test a Spry menu, you’ll need to preview your page in a Web browser, such as Safari or Firefox. One option is to add a div tag around the entire menu and then add an equal amount of margin to the left and right side to center that div. Another option is to increase the spacing between each link so that they spread evenly across the page, effectively centering the entire menu by filling the entire space with it. So you’ve decided to design your website or blog using WordPress, the super popular open-source content management system (CMS). This guide provides instructions for creating and updating websites designed with WordPress. Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies gives you simple, step-by-step instructions to build your confidence as you build your site.

This collection of tools makes it easier to add advanced features, including e drop-down menus and collapsible panels. As a general rule, it’s good practice to limit the number of links in a navigation bar to no more than 6 or 7. You can also use these steps to create a vertical menu bar by selecting Vertical instead of Horizontal in Step 5. In the New Document Window, you can choose from a variety of file types, including ASP, PHP, and CFM.
Place your cursor where you want to create the menu in your Web page, and then click on the Spry Menu Bar icon.
Or you can create a Vertical Menu Bar with sub-menu options that open to the right of the main menu items. By default, the horizontal menu aligns to the left of the page, but you can easily align it to the right instead by changing the definition of the corresponding style. To add your own text, simply click and drag to select the text within each navigation box and then type over it to replace it with the word or words you want to use instead. To make these options visible, click on the blue tab at the top left of the Spry menu that you inserted into the page.
You can edit the text of any selected item in the Text field at the far right of the inspector. To turn any menu item into a link, select the item in the Property inspector and enter the URL in the Link field. The tricky part is that the style definitions for text and background colors are included in the link styles, which have multiple states. Thus, if you’ve created a Body style to specify that the page font as Verdana, the Spry menu text will also display in Verdana. Just click on a menu or submenu item to see the drop-down items in action and test the links.
Aligning a drop-down menu to the right or left of the page is the simplest option, but there are at least a couple of ways that you can center a drop-down menu.
From smartphones to tablets to desktops, the new Fluid Grid Layout in version CS6 makes it easier than ever to set up media queries and design websites with HTML5 and CSS3. Create profile designs that look great on small and large screens with Janine's social media templates.
You'll also find tips for choosing the best web hosting service, registering a domain name, finding a great theme and plugins, and finally, recommendations for the size and formatting options you should use for your images. Today you can find a nice compilation of 20 Drop Down Menu Tutorials that will teach you how to create menu design elements with HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

As a result, many Web designers divide a site into a few main categories, and then further divide those into subcategories. If you’re creating a new page for a basic, static Web site, choose Blank Page, HTML, and then select a CSS Layout or choose None to create a completely blank page.
Make your selection by clicking on the corresponding radio button and then click OK to insert a generic menu bar into the page. In this figure, you see that I’ve replaced Item 1 with Agents, and Item 2 with Talent, and I have selected Item 3.
For example, you can add a third level menu item by selecting a submenu item and then clicking the plus sign above the third menu field.
You can also use the browse button (hint: it looks like a yellow file folder) to locate and select any file in a Web site and set the link automatically. Beware, that if you have to levels of submenus on the right side of the screen, as you see in this example, they may extend beyond the page display area.
You are the first place I have found that says something about this, yet, I still do not have my answer: how can I center it on the page?
You’re more than welcome to bookmark this post and use these tuts for your future projects.No one will argue that a well-structured, visually appealing menu adds beauty to the overall design and feel. For example, this site has a section called Talent, which serves as a main category, and then has subcategories for talent with different jumping skills.
If you choose one of the CSS Layouts, you can alter the layout to better suit your design by editing the CSS definitions.
Once the menu bar is inserted, you can customize it by changing the text, colors, fonts, and other options.
When you click on the menu tab, the Property inspector displays the corresponding Spry options.
In this figure, a third-level submenu item, Manhattan, is being added to the submenu item NY Office, which is a submenu item of Locations. If you are setting a link to a top-level menu item, you can also select the text in the main workspace and set the link in the Property inspector. To do so, double click on the style name in the CSS Panel and in the CSS Rule Definition dialog, enter a font face or choose a Font collection from the Font drop-down.

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