When you land in the Find Friends space, just find to a topic that interests you, and you’ll easily be able to find like-minded friends. Loneliness is a thing of the past, now that meeting people and making new friends is so easy.
Madison SmallWorlds Madison is the go-to girl for anything on the SmallWorlds social and fashion scenes. Australian app developer David McKinney turned his van into a mobile office, where he works on the Product Hunt app.
Imagine this: you are traveling around the world, staying a month at a time in new and exciting cities, all without watching your bank account dwindle down to nothing. Australian app developer David McKinney, for example, converted his van into a mobile office complete with electricity and internet. These 17 apps can help you find work while on a beach in Thailand, and get you a room for the night for free. Remote OK is a daily aggregator of remote jobs that is especially useful for those in the tech industry.
Airbnb has become an international phenomenon, and is swiftly replacing hotels for many travelers. When you are working in unfamiliar territory, it’s always good to have a list of available public WiFi. Speedlancer is all about getting you a small freelance job, now, that you get done in 4 hours.
If you are dealing with working and living while traveling, you are going to need a reliable app for converting currency. Google’s translation app is the best free option available for figuring out what the heck someone is saying. Remote Year is an ambitious concept to put 75 likeminded people together to travel for a year while they are working remotely. Boomerang is a plug-in that works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari — and can be invaluable for communicating with people across the globe.
Sometimes you need to take a break from work and party, but it can be tough to meet people in a new city.
Foodspotting is essentially an Instagram for sharing delectable restaurant dishes, complete with where you got them. It will be an interesting feature especially useful to the traveling people to find out the friends updated location as and when they are using the Facebook App.
Activating and using this feature is simple that anybody can use these features without any complications.
If your device is already activated with the Nearby friends feature, then you can see the nearby friends under the next screen else you will be prompted to enable this feature ON. Open the “Account settings” menu which will be opened in the next screen with lot of options like General, Security, Privacy etc. In the Account Settings screen, we need to find out the “Location” option under the various options given. In the location settings screen, first we need to verify that your device location history is ON. After the Facebook app location history is turned ON, then we can enable the Near  by Friends feature by selecting which of the friends we need to see the location in your various groups.

Once specifying the group you wanted to know location, you can come back to home screen and again settings to Tap on the Nearby friends option there.
By tapping on each of the friends, you can control that how much duration, your location to be reported back to your friends by the Facebook app. The Nearby friends feature is a useful one to most of the users to find out the real location of your friends via Facebook App. The Find Friends space has a kaleidoscope of different interests, making conversation easy! New topics will appear based on real-world events, so keep visiting the space to talk about topics that are current and trending. An intrepid reporter who stops at nothing to get her hands on the latest clothing releases so that you’re the first to know the hottest SmallWorlds trends. They can help you find the cheapest travel between two locations, and connect you with locals who will show you around the city. You can find jobs in web development, design, and also non-tech jobs (though these are admittedly not the focus). The company has 600,000 listings in over 34,000 cities, and is often more affordable than hotels of similar quality — though without the room service.
It’s perfect if you need some quick cash and includes things like design, writing, and data entry. If you like the communal vibe of living with other travelers, this app will help you find the best places. Now you can simply point your smartphone camera at things like signs, in foreign languages, and Google will morph the text into your own language. Party with a Local connects travelers to locals and expats nearby who want to, well, party.
With GigRove, startup businesses provide accommodation and, in return, the traveler provides a service. This app shows you the best food being served up around you, also tagged with the time it was uploaded. You tell the app your destination, and then it shows you a calendar with the various prices on it.
It will show the list of your friends sorted based on the distance from your exact location by getting location data of yours and your friends. We will see how to setup and using the location history data and Nearby friends feature in Facebook App. There you might be seeing Nearby friends option under favorites which can be used as a shortcut to reach the settings for location history and Nearby friends feature. There you can see many settings for the App including the App Settings, News feed preferences, Account settings etc there.
This screen will open up the location settings screen of the Facebook app in your smartphone.
If your device location history is not yet turned ON, then the Facebook app itself will prompt you to turn it ON.
Before that we need to tap on the enable button to show up the options to select the group. It will open the Nearby friends screen and will show the location of your friends reported by the Facebook app.

You can also stop reporting your location to specific people by tapping on the “compass” button against that person and choosing the “stop” option. Facebook has now given enough options to customize the feature to suit the individual peoples choice about sharing their location and privacy while using this feature. Tech jobs are becoming one of the most easily-outsourced sectors, and Remote OK can be a goldmine for a tech worker looking to tour the world while staying afloat financially. Depending on your luck, your host might also be willing to share tips like the best places to get public WiFi.
And if you are curious about which cities around the world have the best WiFi, New York, Tel Aviv, and Taipei are all on the list.
It doesn’t require any haggling or interviewing, so you can just do the job, and get paid. WhatsApp allows you to send all kinds of text and multimedia messages while only paying for the data, which can be especially cheap and easy over WiFi.
Hostel workers are also often decided-to-stay-travelers themselves, and can be a wealth of information about temporary jobs in the area.
You can also set a reminder to yourself if you don’t hear back so you know when to follow up.
It can be a vivid alternative to reading more traditional restaurant reviews while you are traveling. If you are traveling around the world, and are flexible on the precise day you move from one place to the next, Hopper can be an easy way to maximize your savings on flights.
It will be having options like Nearby friends, Place tips, Location history and your device location settings etc. Once the device location history is turned ON, then you can turn-on the Facebook location history by tapping the button against it.
It will show your different groups as option and you need to specify which group you wanted to know the location. Also you can change the group you wanted to know the location by tapping on the settings button on the Nearby friends screen.
The worldwide community has over 10 million members, and functions on the goodwill of its users.
If you have a lucrative remote job locked in, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime way to travel through South America, Europe, and Asia — staying a month at a time in each of 12 cities. This app makes it easy to know which random strangers around you are actually open to grabbing a drink. The traveler knows beforehand so there aren’t any crossed wires, and the accommodations are usually better than Couchsurfing.
If you’ve never tried it, it truly is a remarkable feat that this type of community is possible.

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