These educational website templates have all of those features that you may need in your own website. If you are looking for only free educational html template then you can use free templates which we have listed below.
WpF Degree is a marvelous premium quality but free bootstrap education web template which is designed by WpFreeware Team. WpF Degree has 11 html page templates including home page, blog page, single blog page, events archive page, event single page, courses archive page, course single page, contact page, custom 404 page, photo gallery page. KinderGarten is a html5 education website template which built for child care center, school, kindergartens, preschool etc.
Uacademy is the ultimate solution for educational websites which is developed especially for learning manage system. Isotope gallery integrated with nice hover effect for giving you a beautiful showcase where you can display any kind of contents. Other important pages are also available such as about, services, contact us etc & yes you will get several page layouts for them as well. Basically BeSmart designed for multipurpose uses, it will be best for courses, events, online learning management systems, training, kindergartens, schools, collages etc. With so many businesses shifting online and starting their official web resources, educational projects are no exception. Designing a fine web resource for any educational institution is always a challenge since it has many roles to fulfill, like provide new and transfer students with the full information about your institution, share educational programs, let people meet your teaching staff in person, and contact you directly to find answers to the questions that matter the most. Statistics shows that choosing the right educational institution for their kids, parents heavily rely on Internet resources, so designing a stunning website that would grab visitors’ attention at first glance is a must-do. Descriptive sliders will not only make your site more visually appealing, but also better introduce your educational establishment and the field of your work to the audience. Designing an educational site you should remember to create categories for different target audiences, like students, their parents, alumni, teaching staff, etc. Taking into consideration all the latest web design trends, you might want to upgrade your resource with some cool designs. Written by Katherine Crayon, young but perspective copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, freebies and new WordPress Themes releases by email. All you need to find suitable PSD web templates which most designers share their creative design stuffs to others for free, so that you can tweak the designs and styles.  it is extremely difficult to find out high quality freebie PSD web templates.
If you own an institute related to educational sector then you should create a website for that. If you found this helpful then feel free to let your friends know about it by Sharing this collection. Not only that, this template comes with some excellent features like teacher carousel, courses carousel, students testimonials, counter, fullscreen slider, beautiful animations, 10 pre-define colors & lots more. This template designed with multi-screen support which means that your website will automatically optimized in all kind of devices including smartphones.
Though, BeSmart can be used for any other topic purposes as it designed with multi-concept in mind. Other pages also have different type of layouts especially blog like left sidebar, right sidebar & full-width.

Everything starts from the kindergarten where we learn some basics, then we go to school, college and university to deepen and expand our knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice.
Once you decide to look for the institution for studying or a hobby group for your kids, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? As a rule, educational websites have poor design, however you may still find some amazing examples. With so many users shifting from desktops to handheld devices, responsive web design will make your resource easily accessible on all types of gadgets. Whether people are simply surfing the web looking for some cool designs for inspiration or they visit your site for a purpose – your web resource should motivate viewers to stay and learn more about your project, enroll to some courses, arouse a strong desire to get involved to your school, university, etc. Typography plays a huge impact on your readers and the type of fonts you choose for your resource highly influences user behavior.
Both students and teachers welcome innovation, so applying parallax scrolling effect to your site will only benefit it. This has always been a quick and easy way of presenting your business, however in 2014 this trend gets a revamp. Grab some of these free themes to make your web resource more visually appealing to the target audience. Although there are some resources that you can use for the premium membership in order to get some high quality and creative PSD web templates but nothing can’t just beat the freebie collection.These website templates are completely free to download and are in PSD format. But choosing a website template one by one is very time killing or hard to find out a perfect template. Some great web designer designed many fantastic free educational templates which are fully free to use. Various types of content blocks you will see where you will be able to display each & every single aspect of your center. 54 html pages included with tons of features which lets you implement maximum functionality into your website related to education.
If you or your organization is arranging regular events & you need to represent them through your website then you are most welcome to do that. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.
After graduation, many of us decide to cast our lot with education and get academic degrees to stay in higher education establishments and help others master their skills and increase IQ level. I believe that would be the website of this establishment, which would clearly show how their business is done, what services they provide, as well as reveal teaching staff and their qualifications. Applying the latest web design trends to your web page, you can develop a fine resource full of catchy visual effects and information about educational process, conditions, regulations, and more. Be it written or visual data, it should be easy-to-reach and cause no problems with familiarizing with it.
I believe you would get pissed off with the difficult-to-follow design and look for a user-friendly site, with intuitive layout and welcoming design. Depending on the screen size one is using, your website will adapt to it, written data will relocate, images will move, delivering the most sophisticated user experience ever. In short, it should reveal all advantages of cooperating with you and inspire to become a member of your club with a click of a button. Through the use of independent layers, this technique will bring your site to life, provide the 3D effect and engage more people in.

Different people will have different purposes for visiting your site, so you should develop a resource that would please the needs of each and every. Instead of using stereotypical image presentations, it’s recommended to treat viewers with the 360 degree view that would cover the entire infrastructure and offer a more complete view of your institution. Get inspired for new projects or simply download these templates to bring some catchy accents to your site. You can not only display your institute details also can provide your students important things like notes, announcements, notice, exam schedules, class schedules, admission information’s, rules & many more. Uacademy includes tons of features for making this template standalone such as beautiful css3 animations, parallax effects, video section, Font-awesome, Google map, course listing, user profile & much more. You will be able to professionally show-off your recipes & courses by using this beautiful template. If you want to provide valuable information’s for your students consistently then the blog section is there for you to do that.
You can easily listed those events in the event listing page which developed especially for that. In such a way, a well-designed, catchy and informative website plays a huge role in our decision-making.
Look through the following 10 web design tricks that will help you set up an educational web design that won’t leave anyone unfazed. If you are planning to set up a website for kids, then applying bright, vibrant colors is a must.
Simple structure, remarkable style and ultimate design will no doubt present your educational establishment at its best.
Intuitive navigation will improve your results, make people stay for longer and help your educational establishment gain recognition. This will help you stand out and prove that even a formal educational Internet resource can be entertaining and fun. Other important features to consider like students gallery, pricing table, contact form, Google map & many more. Not only that, you may have some great courses & want to showcase them with nice look.
For giving you more flexibility BeSmart included with tons of shortcode elements that will help you to insert any content block in anywhere into your website. Once parents come up with such a ‘happy’ design, there will be no doubts in their minds that you are the right educational establishment they were looking for.
A dedicated gallery page you will have where beautiful pictures of your organization can be displayed. This will improve visibility of your site and make the content more readable on handheld devices.

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