MAC has a new collection out called Fashion Sets, and it includes 4 colors in 5 different products. Embrace Me Lip PencilEmbrace Me Lip PencilEmbrace Me Lip Pencil is a super bright fuchsia pink liner. Unlike what the name Fashion Sets might make you think (at least it’s what I thought) these are not sold as a set, but individually. This is a cool concept, but it is a little weird that they aren’t sold as part of a set. I am really impressed together with your writing abilities and also with the layout in your weblog.
Is usually anything better then WordPress for creating a web presence for any small Business? I’m creating a collaborative blog and I must know if I can transform a blogspot blog into one where anyone can add content material and edit or replace the text. When trying to publish a book wouldn’t you protect your tale or at ease with a copyright?
It’s probably because just swiping on some colour is enough to completely boost your spirits.
Lipstick is like nail polish with colour therapy, except you don’t have to wait for it to dry! Normally when a limited-edition MAC collection comes out, I prefer to place an online order to avoid the in-store madness that always ensues. I was able to find MAC Silly Lipstick (light pink) and MAC Embrace Me Lipstick (bright pink) in-store, and then I got the very last tube of MAC Ablaze Lipstick (orange) from the MAC counter at The Bay. The one I was most looking forward to, MAC Heroine Lipstick, seemed to be sold out everywhere, and I was pretty bummed. Then a miraculous thing happened – the guy I’ve been dating more seriously for a couple of months managed to not only find Heroine, but he also bought me 2 tubes of it, plus the MAC Silly Lip Liner and a back-up of MAC Silly Lipstick!
I thought it was pretty funny how so many women (like myself) were trying so hard to locate MAC Heroine Lipstick, and he told me that he literally just went to one store – there was no line-up, and (get this) they had 8 tubes of Heroine Lipstick left! This entry was posted in Haul of Shame, Makeup Reviews, Product Reviews and tagged MAC Cosmetics on April 24, 2013 by Mary S..
I’ve worn Embrace Me a few times, and I have to say that it really makes the complexion look a lot healthier. I absolutely love their lip products, and the vanilla scent in their lipsticks is my favourite!
If you’re in the same boat as me, your NCAA March Madness bracket was busted pretty early on.
So, now with all that craziness behind me, it’s time to focus on the real battle, a smack-down to determine the best Radiant Orchid nail polish.
Some colors are lighter, darker, more purple, more pink but all have the Radiant Orchid essence.

I hope you enjoy Radiant Orchid Madness and I can’t wait to see which color will be crowned the Best Radiant Orchid Nail Polish!
Well if Pantone’s is literally named Radiant Orchid then the others don’t stand a chance do they? I did this survey with the emerald colors…the outcome was my fav so it was a win win. I am loving all the deep ones- my idea of Radiant Orchid is Tom Ford African Violet and Sally Hansen Complete Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. Wow that was harder than my NCAA bracket Loving all this colors, need to make a shopping list. Wow, I was hoping they would be a lot more radiant, since that is part of the name of the color of the year. Comigo e sempre assim: so presto atencao naquela cor da edicao limitada depois que ela acaba.
Mas depois de muita choradeira (modo de dizer, nao chorei nao, viu?) eu estava conversando com uma amiga no facebook (A Conceicao Cosme, dona da loja Toute Les Dames) e comentei com ela que queria este esmalte mas estava esgotado. Digite seu endereco de email para assinar este blog e receber notificacoes de novas publicacoes por email. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
FREE membership to discover sales, clearance and discounts upto 90% OFF for hottest shoes on the internet. This isn’t the creamiest liner at all, i can imagine it being somewhat of a pain to apply. I wish this was brighter like the lip products, but I definitely understand from a selling point why it isn’t.
Overall I like this particular shade and I think the idea of having different products with the same shade is interesting, but a bit overkill when three of those products go on your lips. It looks so neat and every spot is covered perfectly without any mess on your cuticles and skin. I’m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest website and I would like to find something more secure. But, this time I completely missed the early online release, so I tracked down 3 out of 4 of the MAC lipsticks in-store. This guy paid attention when I was gushing about Heroine…hehe, and then he surprised me when he found it, let alone looked for it! Even if you don’t wear blush, if you wear this lipstick, it seems to give the same effect of having a bright, rosy complexion! My guy is more a traditional man, so he literally just uses bar soap to wash his face and that’s it.
Not only was it fun to choose my preferences, it considerably helped in detecting what I consider Radiant Orchid which definitely seems to be more blue toned than Pantones version!

Being as I love emerald, last year’s was so fabulous, such beautiful polish (even if I had to see it in retrospect, being a relative newbie to the polish scene!).
Ai saio eu pelo ebay afora ou entao nos desapegos do facebook pra ver se cato um sobrevivente pra mim. Alias, o esmalte Embrace Me se parece mesmo e com o batom Flat Out Fabulous – olha ali na boca da Julia! So sei que essa cor e maravilhosa e super combinou com a minha pele, e acho que tem mais ou menos o mesmo efeito que o batom Flat out Fabulous, combina com todo mundo e realca na pele. Este aqui e um esmalte cremoso, dos mais chatos de passar, mas e fluido e nao mancha e isso facilita bastante o resultado sair bonito.
Eu sou dessas que apaixono com a cor de esmalte na mao alheia, mas dai o efeito na minha nao e o esperado. Gente fina- mais gente do que fina, e menos futil do que parece e tem o problema de ter mais bom gosto do que dinheiro.
At least the Lipglass isn’t super pigmented, that way you can tone it down by wearing it alone or have super glossy bright lips when paired with the lip pencil or lipstick.
Either way stay up the excellent high quality writing, it is rare to see a great weblog like this one today.. I really love that it’s matte so I can wear just a smidge as a stain with a nice gloss on top, or build it up to an opaque bold lip for a night out. I shy away from dark shades but being more brave, not brave enough for Oranges or Purples though. And, obviously, everyone’s interpretations of the color are varied as I received brand submissions ranging from grape to lilac. I’ve already voted and I completely missed it last year (and emerald is my favourite colour!).
Amo um rosa bonito, mas sempre que faco me arrependo, fora que sofro bullying da minha irma. I have too many other bright lipsticks from MAC to justify any of the other shades, but I am happy I grabbed Heroine!
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Acho que fica mais bonito em branquinhas como voce e a Petit ou entao em um tom mais escuro do que o meu. Do you have to set your blog up your self or is there ones that help you established up it up?

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