EXCLUSIVE: 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Paige VanZant is Dating Troupe Member Alan Bersten -- Get the Scoop on Their Romance!
ET has exclusively learned that there's a budding romance in the DWTS ballroom this season between contestant Paige VanZant and troupe member Alan Bersten -- and we've got all the details!
A source close to the couple tells ET that their connection is "still new" and the attraction between the 22-year-old UFC fighter and the 21-year-old professional dancer has been building all season.
The twosome first became close when VanZant's usual professional partner, Mark Ballas, was injured and could not dance in the second week of the season. Since their dancing debut, VanZant and Bersten have been spotted looking like they're definitely more than friends at the weekly DWTS after-parties at Mixology 101 in Los Angeles. Users who are allowed on often have advanced degrees, tend to be in their late 20s, and have all been carefully selected by creator Amanda Bradford's team using the code. What sets The League apart from its counterparts is its reliance on LinkedIn to determine user credentials. As BI's Alyson Shontell explains, the acceptance algorithm was built by the app's own tech team and scans social networks to ensure applicants are career-orientated.
Right now there are more than 75,000 people waiting to get into The League.A There is literally a virtual line of people waiting to be tested and accepted.

After that, the exclusivity starts emerging: Although you sign in with your Facebook login, the privacy settings are stringent. As the app is only live in San Francisco at the moment, I had to pretend to live there by using a local zip code to get on. Soon (because of my spelling of "flavour") the lady in question worked out the fact I'm in London a€” and probably worked out what I was actually doing. When it arrives in New York in the next few months (and hopefully London soon after), no doubt far more will get a chance to match on online dating's top table.
Bersten stepped up to fill in for Ballas, and together, he and VanZant delivered one of the top dances of the week with their ultra-steamy salsa.
The duo keeps the PDA to a minimum, but they're always are seen arriving and leaving the parties together with smiles on their faces.
The League is a new dating app that uses its own algorithm to judge whether you're cool and ambitious enough to join. Dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Happn primarily use Facebook as a background check and profile-builder. Those already on it can give one "ticket" to a single friend as a pass a€” and around 50% of members got on this way.

If you indiscriminately swipe right to indicate interest in every profile, or youA ignore your messages too much, you get labelled asA "flaky." Don't be flaky. I said hello to my first match and responded to the other when she say "hey" (in what I imagine to be an American accent not dissimilar to those on the TV show 90210). But by then I'd got enough of a glimpse into The League to see it has the potential to become hugely popular outside of the Bay Area. I have no idea what this university is or whether it's any good, but she's 26 and the "chief of staff" somewhere, which sounds impressive for someone just a year older than me. Once you've browsed all of the lovely people within a 24-hour designated period, the app says "that's game for today" and you have to switch back to Hinge, Tinder, and so on.

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