7 May 2014 New SAP ABAP online batch starts from 15th Feb, contact: Downloading file into presentation server from application server using t-code 12 Jun 2014 - 53 min - Uploaded by CHINNA MStep by Step Flat file loading from application server through Process chains in SAP BI BW. Use the following steps to download the ABAP internal table data to a file in SAP application server. Use the following steps to provide ABAP F4 help for SAP application server file on selection screen. When you execute the above program and press F4 help for file on selection screen, file dialog pop up will be displayed.
Loop through the internal table and use TRANSFER ABAP statement to move each internal table record to file on application server. Below program uses OPEN DATASET, TRANSFER and CLOSE DATASET statements to download the file.

When you execute the above program, the data in the internal table will be downloaded to a file on the application server.
When you execute the above report program, it fetches all the data from SPFLI table and fills the internal table. 30 Mar 2012 We will explain how SAP BW can access the FTP server and copy the files unto its own application server. Using the column selection, you can choose which columns are to be transmitted to the file. But it downloads only second (CARRID), fourth (COUNTRYFR) and fifth (CITYFROM) columns of internal table to a file in SAP presentation server. If it is a high volume of files Can someone tell me how to program a move of files on the application server from path A to path B?

A SPACE stands for a column to be omitted; every other character stands for a column to be inserted. 29 Dec 2010 CG3Y - To download file from application server CG3Z - To upload file from presentation server. Share to Twitter Share to Reading and Writing a text file from and to the application server.

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