Non-verbal communication is part of our society and also an integral part of the business culture. Playing with hair, frequent blinking, crossed arms, head leaning and smiling are parts of non-verbal communication we pay most attention to and are already used to controlling. If you have a positive attitude towards someone, your feet will be pointed in the direction of that person.
A well mannered person will be the one who sits with straight back, parallel feet or crossed legs, while those sitting leaned back with spread legs will be perceived as bad mannered. With the legs crossed, the knee positioned on top pointed to the person or subject of interest, you show attention and willingness to listen. At least 50% of all communication is through body language, and some people believe it’s much higher than that. The more we feel comfortable or the more we are attracted to someone, the more we will touch them.
For instance, when Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with “THAT woman” he shook his head yes!
An increase or decrease in blinks indicates an increase in stress and anxiety and is often see with people who are lying. The neck dimple, the belly button, and what I call the “naughty bits.” When we feel nervous, insecure or threatened, these are the areas we instinctively protect.
This shоrt little article reveals the truth abоut what men are thinking abоut when they’re in bed with a wоman (when they SHOULD be fоcused 100% mind, bоdy and sоul оn yоu) .

And teaches yоu EXACTLY what tо say and dо tо get him tо SNAP back tо yоu like a rubber band . Sitting at a table in a restaurant and resting your chin on interlocked fingers being supported by elbows.
People can be masters at lying, acting and faking facial expressions, but when you see them shifting from foot to foot you immediately get uneasy about what they are saying. The same applies to disinterest, in which case your feet will be pointed away from your interlocutor. Men are usually those who sit with spread legs, since this is a dominant posture breading with confidence, making the person look bigger and in charge.
However, if in the same position, the knee is pointed away from a person or subject of interest, you are signalling that you are threatened, cautious or uncertain about the person or the topic.
When the crotch is pointed at the person or subject of interest, the meaning of this body posture is mainly sexual.
Slipping the foot in and out of the shoe, or dangling the shoe from the foot, gives away a sense of relaxation and readiness for flirting. When our hands are simply relaxed by our side and the core of our body is OPEN we’re seen as confident and likable and approachable. The creme filling in a cookie, the corned beef in a Reuben sandwich, Godfather II – clearly, the best things always come in the middle. Plus, if he blocks his vulnerable zones, like his hands are not moving from his lap, that’s a bad sign.

By mastering body language, you can avoid seeming nervous, disinterested, distressed and showing your interest in somebody when that is not appropriate.
Crossed legs is the position most women sit in, largely because of their outfits, and even though there is a biological drive in this posture due to the muscle tone accentuation it provides, it will in most cases be related to the feeling of insecurity or of feeling threatened, with the knees representing a barrier – similarly to the crossed arms on the chest. My motto is, “head, shoulders, knees and toes, your body language reveals more than you know!
When a man touches you 5 times, in 15 minutes, it’s highly likely that he feels comfortable with you. Unfortunately, we tend to hold our drinks in front of either our neck dimple or our belly button.
With women, body postures are always more stiff, as opposed to men who are usually more casual.
And when our hands are crossed in front of our body we’re seen as defensive, cold or unapproachable.
So that ice cold beer that was supposed to cool you off could actually be making you appear edgy and tense.

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