Windows: FileMaker Server requires Internet Information Services (IIS), which will be enabled when you install FileMaker Server. For Custom Web Publishing with PHP, FileMaker Server requires a PHP engine to respond to requests from the web server and to process PHP code. Hosts the databases that you share with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users and publish on the web. When you deploy FileMaker Server across two machines, one machine is always the master and the other is a worker.
The master communicates with the worker to handle database requests from users, configure the settings on all machines, and monitor the status and activity of all components.
Important: To enhance the security of your database solution, especially on the Internet, consider using a firewall on the public side of a FileMaker Server deployment. The type of deployment you should use depends primarily on the web publishing load, as summarized in the table below.
You can deploy FileMaker Server on one machine in two ways: Database Server only or Database Server and Web Publishing Engine.
Benefits: This is the easiest deployment to set up and administer, if you don't need web publishing. Note Even when web publishing is disabled, FileMaker Server requires a web server to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks. You can install Database Server, the Web Publishing Engine, and all of the associated software components on the same machine as the web server. Benefits: This is the simplest deployment with web publishing and the one that most FileMaker Server users will use.

You can deploy FileMaker Server across two machines: the Web Publishing Engine, web server, and Web Server Module on one machine and the Database Server on a second machine.
Benefits: This deployment separates all of the web publishing-related components from the Database Server.
Note: In addition to the web server on the worker machine used for web publishing, FileMaker Server also requires a web server on the master machine to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks.
After three years of working with Filemaker databases, and Filemakers almost comical web publishing tools I decided to create a framework to actually publish filemaker data onto the web. At the Pitt Rivers Museum I've been fortunate enough to work on their last five research projects, all centering around Filemaker as a data source. After much research and programming I have now invented the FEDWEB (Filemaker Engine for Distributing Website Easy Builder).
Monitoring your web site is incredibly important if you are to really to make the most of your resources. Web site structures and designs should always take into account users of Google, yup that's everyone who uses the web.
Freelance web designer in Oxford using web standards for accessible future proofed websites. In a multiple-machine deployment, the machine running the Database Server is called the master machine. For a greater web publishing load, you may want to use two machines in your FileMaker Server deployment. This configuration is suitable for small deployments (up to 50 FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients) and limited web publishing.

Under most conditions, this configuration is the highest performing FileMaker Server deployment. The operating systems of the various computers can be all Windows, all Mac OS X, or any combination of the two. From any Filemaker database it is now possible to create websites such as the Southern Sudan Project, Tibet Album and the currently under construction Pitt Rivers English Collection Map technology, all are powered by the FEDWEB software. The operating systems of the machines can be all Windows, all OS X, or a combination of the two.
You can first deploy on one machine and, if the load increases over time, you can change the deployment later to use two machines. The VAT rate for Electronic Software Downloads and other FileMaker products classified as services under local law will be at the rate applicable to the country where the customer belongs. This is the simplest configuration.Ports 5003 and 16008 through 16018 must be available on this computer.
This configuration separates all of the web-publishing related components from FileMaker Server.Ports 16008 through 16018 must be available on computer 1. In this configuration, you can optionally locate the web server host computer on the outside of a firewall, and the Web Publishing Engine and FileMaker Server host computer can be located inside the firewall.Ports 16010 and 16018 must be available on computer 1. The web server, Web Server Module, and Administration Console are on a computer that serves as the request gateway, and you can optionally use a firewall to separate them from the components on the other two computers.Ports 16010 and 16018 must be available on computer 1.

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