I often learn about great products and ideas as I chat with my girlfriends, so my Love List is our virtual chat, as I share my loves with you. Because Ilene is awesome, she’s given me my very own coupon code so my readers can try Hippie Chick. The painting is resting on my piano until a museum calls me with an offer; it makes me giggle whenever I see it. My baby girl got her learner’s permit last month, and she is officially behind the wheel. Totally hope that App is still around when my girls learn to drive someday, because seriously sounds like a great concept! I think I’m going to have to order some of that granola since I keep hearing about how good it is! Of course it’s not cheesy to use your own code (I get so excited creating those codes for people, you know)!
I’m actually glad that the winter snow days come with a price because I’m sorta not ready to admit that my baby is graduating preschool and going to kindergarten next year!!
Love the jewelry – sometimes you just need something fun that you wear for a season and can be done with it, right? Before heading out to the next demonstration, make sure you download these revolutionary mobile apps.
In the last few months, cities all over the world are flooded with protesters who are voicing their discontent with the current social conditions. Updating live on social media has proven to be one of the most significant landmarks of today’s protests, with Facebook and Twitter being the most important channels.
If you want to share the true protest experience on the web, use Ustream’s broadcasting app. In addition to causing quite a few marital problems recently, Find My Friends is extremely helpful when you find yourself lost in a huge crowd of people. In case things get heavy and you find yourself eye to eye with the law, this app has your back. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. The weather has finally made up its mind to be warm, and my kids have made up their minds that school is over.

Ilene launched her own company, Hippie Chick Granola Company, in April, and I’ve been a customer since the first week. It’s like paint your own pottery, but you start with a blank canvas and create your own reproduction of a painting. I found this one while picking out Mother’s Day cards last month, and I had to buy it. Even if you are not Van Gogh it’s million times more perfect than what I could ever come up with. It’s a lot better than any freehand painting I could do for sure ?? He’s one of my favorite painters!
Our instructor was prettier ?? Ok, and now I’m laughing at the rest of your comment, which I had to read twice before I understood what you meant. Now it is forbidden to leave the kitchen, because the bags are meant to be shared…not eaten by one child. Unlike similar protest movements in the past, this time the protesters are armed less with political pamphlets and flowers, and more with Smartphones and digital cameras. Instead of a backpack, you have an iPhone, and the all-purpose Swiss knife is now replaced by smart apps. Seesmic (available also in desktop and web versions) is an app that gives you easy access to both these social networks on one platform. It lets you stream video from your mobile device to the world and easily promote your broadcast on social channels. Find My Friends easily locates everyone who has agreed to share their location info with you, so even if your friends and you part ways during the demonstration, you can quickly reunite.
Demonstrations and protesting activities can last hours (or even weeks!), and the occasional visit to the toilet is simply unavoidable. If you actually get arrested during a protest, one click will send an alert to your friends, family or lawyer via SMS.
Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website. I’m sure they are not high quality, but for trendy pieces, who needs to spend a fortune? It’s much more fashion forward than The Gap, which in twice the price and much more plain.

I’m going to have to order some of that granola, it looks so much better than what I can find in the store. I want to try the summer blend too, and I think it will be a great snack to bring to the pool for the kids. You should definitely go, and I forgot to mention that you can bring your own wine and snacks to have while you are painting! It seems like it would be so much fun, you just reminded me I seriously need to look into it. Its intuitive interface allows users to update quickly and effortlessly, which is exactly what you need when you want to post live from a sit-in. Ustream’s app also offers tons of streaming channels and live content, so if you actually can’t make it to the demonstration, you might find a broadcast of someone who did and experience it from wherever you are. You can use a temporary sharing mode and limit the app’s tracking activity to specific times.
Sit or Squat is a genius app that gives you the hottest information on the nearest available toilet according to your location.
The first thing that comes to mind is the recipe I found for chocolate brownie cookies (that is sooo getting made) and a set of patterns I downloaded that I will be using as inspiration to come up with a new set of printables which will be released on OBM soon. Then use your Apple ID to login and send friend request to those whom you want to locate .Similar to Google Latitude app , Find My Friends is a handy tool to track your buddies or see if the kids are home from school .
We were a bit rowdy and had some difficulty following directions, but that’s what made it fun!
Not to mention, you can avoid using the toilet at certain commercial chains that don’t sit well with your ideology. I adore it, much like I adore it’s namesake, but I may have to refrain from ordering for a little while because I am consuming entire bags by myself.

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