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The song - a short acoustic number by The Fling - is by no means the first to use the saying. But a pivotal moment in the phrase's evolution occurred when Flannery O'Connor made it the title of one of her short stories in 1953. The second point is that high-falutin snobs are, in their own way, no better than the violent misfits of the world - maybe even worse. Yea, we are mad as they are mad, Yea, we are blind as they are blind, Yea, we are very sick and sad Who bring good news to all mankind. O'Connor's story has forever infused "a good man is hard to find" with this new meaning - not awkwardly imposed on the phrase from without, but naturally infused from within.

The last line refers to O'Connor's description of the Misfit as having a "long creased face," and re-emphasizes this notion of being "marked," damaged, and in need of restoration. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. The song was a hit when it was first released, but became even more popular as a signature tune by singer Sophie Tucker.
In this context, the grandmother's usual religious platitudes fall flat, and she is propelled into a truly "holy moment," maybe the first of her life.
Chesterton in one of his poems about the living Church, the community of believers in the world. What was once a simple jazz tune about finding a decent boyfriend became - thanks to her brilliance - a commentary on the spiritual battle in the heart of humanity.

At first glance, his version seems to be treading the familiar territory of the earlier jazz versions. Early covers of the song also include those by Marion Harris (1919), Bessie Smith (1928), Brenda Lee (1960), and even Ol' Blue Eyes himself. He sings about a girl who "ain't got no time now for Casanovas," meditating on "the meanness in this world" after being left by her love.

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