You can turn off S Voice on the Galaxy S5 to make it easier to access Google Now and speed up the home button response time.
By default S Voice is accessible from a double tap of the home button, while Google Now is through a long press. The new software on the Galaxy S5 makes turning off S Voice slightly different from older devices. Turning off S Voice takes about 30 seconds and is easy to turn back on if you decide you want to use it. If you don’t want the service running on your Galaxy S5 at all you can use the App Manager to turn it off, which is as close as you can get to un-installing S Voice on the Galaxy S5. From here on out you should see a faster home button and you won’t accidentally open the S Voice app.
This ephemeral error often flashes on the screen like a subliminal message disappearing in the same instant it appears. The best part is that there’s no log, no obscure error code to decipher and no clear way to send an error report to Google. In this guide I’m going to let you in on a little trick that almost always fixes this problem.
Clearing the storage data is more drastic than clearing the cache because it purges stuff like saved login credentials and custom app settings.
If I helped you in any way or if you experienced an unexpected issue please let me know in the comments! Im having a similar problem but mine says unfortunately settings has stopped working and i cant access the settings to try the solution you provided.
My google+ have stopped working,, after I turn it off it say`s Unfortunately,Google has stopped .
To make your life more complicated, any time I try to access the Application Manager the phone just stalls and reboots. Method 1: Check if there is a new update for your app in the Google Play Store and install the app. Hi im getting that message on my galaxy tab 3 except its when I try and open video player and it says unfortunately video has stopped.

Management experience includes business needs assessment, software development, IT deployment, program administration, operational analysis and development of web based applications. Responsive for oversight of  project management team, external consultants and application deployment. As mentioned before, the Home button is one of the most important keys on your Samsung Galaxy S3, and pretty much all Android devices for that matter. Step 1: Disable the S Voice ShortcutCurrently, when you double-press on the Home button, S Voice will launch. Step 2: Install Home2 ShortcutNow, if you have done so already, download and install the free Home2 Shortcut app from Google Play.
Step 3: Select Your Home Button Double-Tap ShortcutWith the S Voice feature unlinked to double-pressing, we can properly set up another shortcut.
Step 4: Set the TimingI'm not one to mess with things I find unnecessary, but after choosing your application, you can change the response time of your double tap.
Step 5: Select Your Home Button Single-Tap ShortcutIn the second to last step, you can now choose between third-party launchers. TroubleshootingIf your favorite app is not working, it could be because you selected TouchWiz home as your option instead of Home2 Shortcut. This guide will show you how to turn off the S Voice home button shortcut on the Galaxy S5 and how to completely turn off S Voice if you don’t want it running on the Galaxy S5. Many of these features are similar to Google Now, which leaves many Galaxy S5 owners with two apps when they only need one. In addition to picking the service you use and avoiding an accidental S Voice launch, disabling home button access to S Voice speeds up the response of the home button slightly. This guide will walk you through the process of turning off S Voice from the home button and then turning it off all together if you need to. This part of the process will turn off the S Voice home button shortcut and speed up the home button for some users. S Voice is still installed and accessible on the Galaxy S5 after this, but you will need to tap on the icon in the app drawer to get there. Last year, I received this stupid error on two apps but elected to ignore it; however, after my third app spontaneously crashed I avowed to fix the problem.

If that didn’t work clear cach and data for those apps from your app list in the settings. The android manifest had a bundle identifier that differed from the apps bundle identifier. Check which apps are running in the background and then uninstall or log out of those apps so that it doesn’t use up your system memory all the time.
I tried clearing everything but I cant uninstall and install because its a program not an app. Once installed, open it, and you'll be taken to a very basic black screen that actually lays out the directions for you in easy-to-follow steps.
If you notice any issues you can follow these instructions but keep swiping until you are on the Turned Off list. Much better than advice from the store where I bought it, which was just to restore factory settings! The error was on a loop so had a split second for each touch before error returned but got there.
So, in order to open up that shortcut, we'll first need to disable this one.Launch the S Voice feature by using the shortcut or by searching for it in the app menu. Once inside S-Voice, hit the Menu button to access the S Voice settings, and from there, simply deselect the "Open via the home key" option. I’ve attempted to prevent lagging by deleting messages, but when I try, it shuts down. However, when I looked to see if they had a replacement app in the Play Store, it was a no go. And if you ever want to go back to the default TouchWiz home, just do the reverse and clear the defaults in the Home2 Shortcut app.

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