Schools across the country -- including in Pennsylvania -- are testing their drinking water for lead in the wake of the crisis in Flint, Mich.
As a child, there was nothing I looked forward to more than the annual arrival of the Christmas catalog. There was absolutely nothing you couldn’t get from these three catalogs, and I leafed through those things religiously for weeks leading up to Christmas.
You see kids, in the days before the internet and cell phones and such you had to rely on catalogs and brick and mortar stores to handle your Christmas shopping. Add the printer and floppy disk drive and you could save a ton, getting that bundle for the phenomenally inexpensive price of $2,079.90!

They have scanned a ton of these catalogs and you can leaf through them just like old times. In fact, the catalogs were essentially the internet, given unto us once a year sometime n November.
Joe would show up but it was always this section that was the first to get six year-old fingerprints on it.
It was basically a keyboard with a cartridge slot on the top, but man did I play the hell out of Star Raiders. But the group Healthy Schools Pennsylvania says that environmental hazards in and around schools are often being overlooked.

As I look at these pages today I almost wish I had never opened any of this stuff, knowing what they would be worth today.

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