Publication date is that date when the webpage was first published on internet to be viewed by public.
In this way the webpage can be cited for the reference to be used in journals, newspapers, magazine and research works.
Google's web search toolbelt has been updated and it now includes an option that lets you find web pages from a user-defined period of time. Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet Tech Guides About Us Work 10 Feb 2015 Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet How old is a web page?
Most of the sites display publication date of the site and its webpages at a distinguished place from where an individual can easily find it but it is not always the case. In Google search bar copy and paste the whole URL of the webpage with inurl command as given in following example. Now go to URL bar of the browser and just after the URL, copy and paste the following piece of code and hit enter.
You can also use these references in your online articles to make them more authentic looking thus improving your visibility on internet. After performing a search, click on "Show options", select "Custom date range" and enter at least one of the two dates.Until now, you could only find images from the past 24 hours, the past week or the past year.
Learn how you find the exact date when a web page or online article was first published on the Internet.

Sometimes it becomes very hard to know the date when the webpage was first published especially when the site owner doesn't show any clue of page update. If you edited Google's URL, the feature could be used to find pages from the past 10 days, 2 months or other custom periods of time, but you couldn't use it to find pages from 2006."Google tries to estimate the publication date for a page by using information such as the date Google first crawled the page," explains Google's help center. This situation disturbs a lot when you want to cite publication date of any article, picture, news or website as reference in your work. Google also uses the dates included in web pages if they are good candidates for the published date. If you are unable to find webpage publishing date on the site itself or from search results and ready to give up, don't do it. The publication date – this is the date when an article or web page is first uploaded on to a public website where humans and search engines can find and access that page. I have a simple hack which can help you find the publishing date of any webpage around the internet. The indexed date – this is the date when search engine spiders first discover a web page on the Internet. Given the fact that Google has become so good at crawling fresh content, the date of first-crawl is often the same as the actual publication date (#1). Search engines often re-crawl web pages every few days or weeks, sometimes multiple times in a day like for news website, to check if the content has changed.

Find the Publishing Date of Web Pages In the case of news articles, the publishing date of the web page is included but in situations where the date is not specified (or you think the mentioned date in incorrect), you can use a simple Google hack to know when a web page or web domain was last published on the Internet. The defection of ex-Google Visual Design Lead Douglas Bowman to Twitter this spring was widely covered on tech blogs and tech news sites. Bowman complained about getting mired in minutiae about such things as whether a border should be 3, 4 or 5 pixels wide or which of 41 shades of blue would look best on the screen. Google will load the search results again but this time, you’ll see the actual publication date of the web page next to the title in Google search results as in the above screenshot.
This trick should help if you citing tweets (MLA or APA style) or citing web pages (MLA style) in your papers. Because Google can crawl the page the moment it is published on the Internet, the indexed date appearing in search results is often accurate. However, if the content of a web page were changed after the first Google crawl, the publishing date may actually represet the date when it was most recently edited and not the date when it was first indexed or published.
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