I much prefere that my men wear wife beaters, only have a 6th grade education and sit on he couch drinking beer all day. I wonder what happens to these *guys*(using word here lightly) go to jail or prison…. Laleah zet de volgende poll in the spotlight:Zou jij de autoruit inslaan als er in een auto in de zon een oververhitte hond zit opgesloten?

In 'merica, there is no such thing as society-enforced gender roles or any proof that more androgynous people have higher self-esteem or better relationships. And man shouldnt you be proud with all this and the evergrowing problem of children having children.
Im a young guy and "alternative" by standards and guess what, these dudes are not all gay, you wouldnt believe how not gay some of these dudes are, WAY not gayer than you ever will be!

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