Last week I met a woman who was interested in joining Mutual Attraction (my dating agency).
October 3, 2010 by PsychicPulse Leave a Comment The above title might seem a bit strange as you might wonder how on earth listening to a brainwave audio is going to help you find love. The “Find Love” brainwave audio is extremely powerful and gives you a powerful boost to feel happy and confident. This brainwave audio will clear your head of anything that is blocking your positive self-improving qualities of getting through. The majority of us could never reach the very low frequency states that the recording allows us to experience on our own. Listen to the 30 minute Find Love brainwave audio when you think you need it or even daily to get best results. For more information on the different types of brainwave audios please see our Unexplainable Store Review. One thing I realized when I began searching for psychic services was how hokey many of the websites seem to be. If you are considering seeking the advice of a phone psychic there are a few things you need to know before you begin your first phone psychic reading.
Whether you are looking for psychic books, tarot cards, or even products that will help develop your own psychic abilities, we can help you find the best places to get them. Both entertaining and informative, and written by Australia's only love coach, Find Love is packed full of questionnaires and useful tips that will enable you to take control of your emotions and actions. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Become a newsletter subscriber and you will getright now an email with a unique 20% discount coupon. When it comes to answering the question – will Leo find love in 2015 – it is crucial to fully understand the Leo personality. The interesting thing about the Leo personality is that there’s such a big contrast between who you are in public and who you are in private. In fact, even you yourself are in doubt about who you really are in terms of love and deep romantic connections.
A little bit of your investment of time, effort, an energy and self-introspection will pay off not just in terms of your career choices, not just in terms of how you deal with other people but also in what to look for when it comes to love. So there’s always this internal tension between what you project and who you really are inside and the deep, seemingly inexhaustible well of insecurity that tends to fuel your outward bursts of courage, strength, and other external projections. You have an outgoing side to you, and you should encourage that, but you have to focus on the real outgoing side of yourself, not the over inflated or flashy dimension of this tendency.
One of the things holding back Leos from really making a lasting emotional and personal connection is that they’re so afraid of what other people would think in terms of emotionally going out on a limb that they really try to hold back. So if you want to find love in 2015 as a Leo, entertain your funny side with the understanding that you will bomb quite a bit, but you should be able to live with that risk. Again, this all involves a lot of risks because you can be boisterous or not boisterous enough. The reality is that if you look like a fool to a certain person, that might not be the love match for you, and also there are many love matches where people made fools out of themselves.
By exploring this side of yourself that is larger than life, that is hard charging, and more than willing to cross over the line, you attract the right people and most importantly; you push yourself to show different aspects of your personality. One of the most common stereotypes of the Leo personality is that they often charge into all sorts of situations with only half the facts. This is not always the case with the Leo because truly immature Leos are actually playing the hard charging role. This is devastating enough when it comes to matters of career and finances, it’s all the more crippling when it comes to your emotional life. At the same time, you have to show this aspect of yourself so can stand apart from the competition. Unfortunately, 2015 will not be different from previous years in terms of your ability to walk that tightrope in such a way that it leads you to where you need to go emotionally speaking.
You like to project the bold aspect of your personality but there’s a very strong chance in 2015 of you attracting precisely the wrong kind of person. You have to remember that real relationships are all about emotional authenticity, and people don’t like being played like a fool.

On the other hand, you need to project your emotional boldness so you can stand out from the crowd. Now, the following piece of advice might actually offer some cold comfort, but I’m going to say it anyway. Save for the Taurus, the Leo is actually is one of the toughest when it comes to personal change in the entire zodiac. Unfortunately, you can easily find yourself in a pattern where you’re trying the same thing again and again and expecting different results each time. A huge part to the way you carry yourself is driven by insecurity and the need for external validation.
This level of introspection and emotional authenticity is definitely needed for you to turn from the immature Leo, who gets into one bad relationship after the other to mature Leo, who can fully live life to its outer limits.
I’m talking about allowing yourself to have a genuine soft spot and allow yourself to be hurt. There is that aspect of you that once again triggers that quote from Nietzsche because you can keep on taking emotional damage but instead of it changing you, it just makes you even more stubborn and harder and pushes you on to a track that you shouldn’t be on in the first place. In other words, you go further and further into immaturity and further and further into emotional inauthenticity. The antidote this is to really allow yourself to have that soft spot and vulnerability where you can allow circumstances to hurt you in such a way that it can actually give birth to a new aspect of your personality. One of the biggest disappointments of the Leo personality is that they have all these big dreams, but they feel that they are stuck in their lives, and they’re going around in circles chasing their tail. By zeroing in on this pure source of passion, you can direct it into where you need to go, which are deeper levels of self-discovery and deeper levels of emotional authenticity. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
We met for coffee to have an informal chat which turned into her becoming upset and a little teary.
What utter bulls**t and what an absolute bully for saying this to her, and I dread to think many other women before. Chances are the reason you found my blog in the first place is because that’s exactly what you’re looking for, true love. Sure, things didn’t work out in the end (lets skip over that part) but for a year we had a good relationship, then we both took different paths, we were young, that’s life. It really depends on your character, personality and whether you enjoy chatting lots via the internet.
Let them know you’re actively looking to meet someone and ask them to set you up with anyone they know that’s suitable. However it has been proven that like energy attracts like energy and positive thoughts can create your reality. From there the recording has a second part that takes you through an extremely low 2 Hz frequency range within the Alpha state.
Most of us have collected some baggage and negative beliefs within our lives and letting them go is easier said than done. However the isochronic tones package is new technology and has been proven to work faster and more efficiently.
It will then take you to the right frequency state for you to experience a burst of very positive emotions and feelings.
It will not only help you to attract a mate but it can also help you to attract friendships and all kinds of positive relationships into your life. Learn how to become a magnet for love by building your self-esteem, discovering your ideal partner and learning what you truly need from a relationship.
In many cases, you are a work in progress and you yourself seem to have a fuzzy picture of who you really are regarding this very important aspect of your life and it is especially true when it comes to the Leo woman and love. It can actually be rooted in integrity, but for this to happen, you would have to be challenged, and the worst thing is that life can challenge you, or you can challenge yourself.
There’s nothing more attractive than somebody who is adventurous, who likes to meet new people, who like to explore new situations and go somewhere. If you ask any comedian, they would tell you the secret to excellent comedy is really timing. That’s what made them human and made them approachable on an emotional level in the first place.

This is a key part of being completely honest with your emotional repertoire that you are capable of projecting.
In other words, you have to have enough information so you can enjoy a higher than average chance of making the right situation happen.
They’re not really hard charging people, but they feel that they have to step up to the role and not surprisingly, they keep making mistake after mistake. In my experience it can cause major problems for matches between Leo and Gemini signs in particular. While you can stumble and fall and have your wounds heal over time, it’s very hard to recover from a broken heart, especially if it was dealt by a particularly vindictive person. If you display yourself as product A, and you turn out to be product B and if you attract the wrong person, you might have a hell to pay because nobody likes to waste their time, and nobody likes to feel that they got played. The reality is that you feel that you’re inadequate, and that is the curse of the immature Leo. The reality is that regardless of how other people like you; it is a poor substitute for real self-confidence.
This may seem like emotional suicide but in reality, this actually forms a gateway to experiencing the challenges that you need to truly change.
You have to live a life of integrity and a life of integrity of course is built on pain, reality, and honesty. Unless you ask they’re unlikely to offer – not because they don’t love you, they just don’t think to! Considering that a lot of guys are too content to talk about things that are cool, talk about things that are supposed to be conventionally acceptable, entertaining this aspect of your psyche enables you to break out of the mole. Unfortunately, too many Leos miss the memo regarding the differences, and this is bad enough when it comes to issues of finances, life choices, career choices. People might look at you as this brash, bold, outgoing person that likes to take credit and likes to be at the center of attention. The good news is that you can choose to become a mature Leo by being courageous in the right situations. Use this part of yourself to really get in touch with the emotional truths you need to grapple with. Guys do this all the time but in reality, it’s one of the most insecure and personally weak things they can do. You can’t just got to one either and swear off them for the rest of your life, sorry that’s not allowed! If you are able to spend the little bit extra for the isochronic tones it is well worth it.
You have to allow yourself to be challenged emotionally enough that you finally get the memo. Avoid the free sites, if someone isn’t prepared to pay ?25 a month to find the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with they probably aren’t in the same place as you. The latter is free and there are thousands of groups and events from sporty to the straightforward networking. It broke my heart to see this smart, intelligent young woman so upset over a nasty and incorrect comment. It inspired me to write todays post to remind you that there are more ways than ever before to meet someone. But that’s the beauty of meeting people at events like speed dating – if you meet someone you hit it off with, some of the things you think are important, suddenly slip away. The last one cost ?10 and there was over 100 of us, all had good jobs, were friendly, easy to talk to and the best thing is…they’re at a networking event to meet people! But if you want to find that special person you gotta be prepared to put in the effort, just like you would in all other aspects of your life.
So, if singles events aren’t your thing head to one of these as they are great places to meet potential matches, and do some business networking as well! So, aside from the ideal scenario of just bumping into your future husband on the street or using a matchmaker like moi , what other options are there out there?

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