New Years Eve a?? a night when anything goes a?? and a story for the grandkids if you manage to find your soul-mate on this auspicious eve. So if romance is looming large as one of your 2010 goals a?? nowa??s the time to start on your love mission. Then write down 3 New Years challenges a?? the crucial thing is they must involve being bold.
Or, promise yourself to be super flirty right from the word go with that playmate youa??ve had that ongoing frisson with a?? ita??s just never quite developed into anything.

You want to snog a?? romantically, passionately and have a lustful moment to remember, not stumble about in a drunken stupor.
Take a minute before you step out to write down what you hope to achieve that night a?? whether ita??s a snog or a stayer; a kiss or a keeper.
For example, you might make a pact with yourself to approach up to 3 potential strangers a?? so that by midnight a?? youa??ve got loads of options about who you want to reel in. Make this the one time you get over those little gremlin voices that tell you, a?˜you cana??ta?? and make this the night that actually, a?˜you can!a??.

Likewise dona??t experiment with substances or drinks youa??ve not tried before a?? youa??ll be no fun at all if youa??re out cold before midnight.

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