In this sneak peek for tonight’s premiere episode, Natalie works to figure out Vanna’s trust issues, which leads her to cyperstalk every guy she dates.
To get you prepped and ready for your next big date -- courtesy of Oxygen -- we're giving away perfect date night prizes in honor of Find Me My Man! Clarice is founder and CEO of a boutique matchmaking company, Heart and Soul International, in the Magic City.
In “Find Me My Man” you will see Clarice setting her clients, who range from age 33 to 50, up on “Fake Dates” with her dating coaches, among other things. Want to read more articles like this one? Subscribe to EURnewsletter.Got A News Tip or Video You Want to Share?
Get up to date black entertainment news and thought provoking editorials from the most insightful and knowledgeable sources online. The Electronic Urban Report not only has the hottest trending headlines, but rich original content with a unique perspective. Make sure to browse the Electronic Urban Report daily to get your fill of the urban news you need to know. Premise: Matchmaker Natalie Clarice creates love connections for single Miami ladies in this reality show. She lets her clients know exactly what they’re doing wrong in their relationships, but isn’t naive enough to believe she can set them straight after the brief initial interview.

Dana is a small business owner with a bit of attitude problem and a serious intolerance for germs.
She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminology, and admits to having anywhere from thirty-eight to fifty penis pictures on her phone.
After seeing the way people on these shows behave, I look at myself and think, “wow, you’re a real catch!” Nevertheless, I liked that this show actually made me feel for the girls (well Dana, at least). With her tough love and "tell it like it is" attitude, Natalie and her team work to change the ways of their strong-willed clients and help them find love. From the music to the outfit to the date itself, we’ve got you covered when it comes to matching you up with your perfect someone! Two winners will snag a $100 gift card to find the right look -– Rent the Runway for the ladies and Jack Threads for you fellas. Clarice, known as the “Titan of Love,” will offer advice to women in Miami looking to find the love of their life. From black celebrity news and gossip to the latest in the political world, health and international affairs, you can trust the EUR to provide you with the latest information and opinions on today’s biggest stories.
Don’t miss a single day of important information from the leader of online urban news and entertainment. The hour-long reality show follows Miami-based matchmaker, Natalie Clarice, as she helps her clients sort out their issues so they can find the right relationship.

Not only does she ruin a perfectly wonderful Louis Vuitton purse by attaching a tacky hand sanitizer keychain to it, but she actually asks her dates to use some before touching her. Her no bullshit, brutally honest approach was reminiscent of everyone’s favorite millionaire matchmaker, Patti Stanger.
Not only does she have an obsession with photos of the male anatomy, she also has no problem discussing said obsession with her dates. Updated with the hottest urban news, African American culture updates, black celebrity news, sports and more daily! We later learn that the reason Dana has so many walls up is because a man whom she dated for four years tragically passed away.
I was happy to see that after taking Natalie’s advice her date went well, and she was able to let go of her control freak ways.
By the end of the episode, she has been on a successful first date with a new guy who wants to see her again.

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