Looking forward to buy a 5-inch Android phone with 1080p Full HD resolution for a reasonable price tag and don’t want to empty your wallet? According to the listing, the Oppo Find 5 unlocked version will be offered for $499.99 off-contract.
You’ve probably seen quite a few hidden picture search puzzles by now since just about every other week or so a new one goes viral and sweeps across the web. If you happen to be one of the millions who absolutely love hidden puzzle challenges, you have to check out this new illustration from artist Matthew Merrill. That’s a nice price point if we consider HTC Droid DNA ($600 off-contract, $99 on 2-year contract) and 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note II ($700 off-contract or $299 on 2-year contract) pricings.

The pictures offer us a break from the common, everyday type of stuff that we usually seem to come across. Some leave us scratching our heads, while others we’re able to solve right off the bat, and those ones make us feel really smart! The Chinese manufacturer has decided it latest flagship Oppo Find 5 to release in the United States, which is being offered in China now. Instead, they give our eyes and brains not only a change of pace, but also a fresh challenge. The medications are haphazardly strewn all about and they all look very similar with only slight variations across the image.

That, in combination with the stark black and white color scheme, makes this search all the more difficult.

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