Yes, we all know the Simpsons are funny with great jokes, but every once in a while the Simpsons jump up and over the line of great jokes to super-fabulous quotes that make you laugh out loud and remember them the rest of the year.
Homer: Marge, tell Bart I just want to drink a nice glass of syrup like I do every morning. Homer: I don't need any serving suggestions from you, you barbeque wrecking, know-nothing know-it-all! Homer: If you're going to get mad at me every time I do something stupid, then I guess I'll just have to stop doing stupid things!
Chalmers: You know, these hamburgers are quite similar to the ones they have at Krusty Burger.
Chalmers: Yes, and you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled.

Chalmers: Yes, I guess I should be -- (notices kitchen is on fire) Good Lord, what is happening in there? Now obviously I can't think of ALL the funny quotes, so if you think of one that well-deserves to be on my list, Mail it to me!
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Kent Brockman: Our top story is the ozone hole that devastated Brazil last summer is apparently wintering in Springfield. Kent Brockman: Residents are advised to stay inside unless you use sunscreen, or are very, very hairy. Hibbert : Well, sir, you more than meet every one of this state's requirements to box, wrestle or be shot out of a cannon.

Then take a look at these trippy designs to see why these 3D-inspired tattoos are making the internet all giddy with excitement. The guy asked if Winston could make it a 3D skull (as you would) and voila, the 3D tattoo was born. Deciding to take a picture and post it onto Instagram, the artist soon found himself inundated with requests for 3D tattoos.

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