News of the split comes after Idris was spotted enjoying a night out with supermodel Naomi Campbell.
The pair seemed to have got together in America last week and were pictured leaving the prestigious 1 Oak nightclub.
Idris and Naomi struck up a friendship in 2014 after he took part in Fashion For Relief charity event.
Naiyana, in a relationship with Idris for two-and-a-half years, was notably absent from Idris’ appearance at the British Film Awards on Sunday when he scooped the Best Actor accolade for Beasts Of No Nation.

Idris’ 13-year-daughter Isan, his child with former wife Dormowa Sherman, was with him at the awards. One of the biggest things that guys finding girlfriend online (or girlfriends to some), and they do it by social media but they get rejected so many times looking like a pervert lol!
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