President Benigno Aquino III expressed his anticipation of finding a new love interest after his term ends in 2016. During the briefing of the Metro Manila Flood Management Masterplan held in Mandaluyong City, President Aquino hopes that he will be able to find a new “babes” instead of talking to Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio “babes” Singson. The President, who remains to be a bachelor said that Filipinos should not wait any longer because he too would want to find that special someone soon.

The President Aquino was at the Rizal Technological University to witness the inauguration of the 11-storey academic building named after former Senate President Neptali Gonzales Sr. Aquino III converses with Mandaluyong Representative Neptali Gonzales II during the inauguration of the Senator Neptali Gonzales Academic Hall at the Rizak Technological University on Thursday (Augusts 27).

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