Ben Carson Edging Close to Front-Runner Trump in Latest Iowa PollAugust 29, 2015 - 7:11 PM Bloomberg - John Mccormick The real estate mogul has made big gains with voters in the first caucus state, but Carson has the edge with a key constituency. The new Richard Pryor pic casts Oprah and Eddie MurphyAugust 29, 2015 - 9:51 AM New York Post The emergence of Epps was not unexpected, but it is hard not to like his backstory on this one. Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate ChangeAugust 29, 2015 - 9:47 AM Moyers & Company The Shock Doctrine author Naomi Klein joins Bill to discuss hurricanes, climate change and democracy. This month marks the fifth anniversary of the worst day of my life — the day that my husband died of pancreatic cancer.
Recent biomedical research has made thrilling progress toward curing cancer and other terrible diseases. However, the pace at which these breakthroughs are being turned into widely available, life-saving therapies remains maddeningly slow. President Obama, in his recent State of the Union address, said that he wants America to be “the country that cures cancer once and for all.” He has designated Vice President Joe Biden, who lost his son to brain cancer last year, to oversee this endeavor. This mission to cure cancer is on a scale with the national effort that landed the first men on the moon.
We spend only 4 cents out of every health care dollar on medical research and development, with the other 96 cents going to treatment.
Researchers have determined that more than half of those who die of cancer each year do so “prematurely” — that is, between the ages of 30 to 69. That’s why now is the moment when all Americans should get in touch with their Senators and encourage them to pass the 21st Century Cures Act’s counterpart bill. Retired bank manager Raymond Shepherd, 76, and his wife Paula Shepherd, 70, were found dead next to each other on the bedroom floor of their home in Locks Heath, Hampshire. Brexit seems to be about division so it seems natural that religious leaders should oppose it, says GEORGE CAREY.

KABUL Thousands of members of Afghanistan's Hazara minority are expected to join protests in Kabul on Monday over a multi-million-dollar power line development that risks becoming a major political battleground for the government.
BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world. Our news engine aggregates over 50,000 stories each day from over 3,000 sources.Click here to start customizing your home page. His "Old Faithful" photo series takes a warm an intimate look at man's best friends as they live out their golden years.
He’d been diagnosed with cancer a year earlier, and had outlived his initial prognosis by several months. But it’s important to remember that cancer is no longer the unstoppable killer it once was.
I wish my husband had lived long enough to see the rise of immunology, which helps a patient’s own immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells.
NIH has directly supported every major advance in cancer treatment and other medical breakthroughs over the past fifty years.
No matter what your opinion on health insurance may be, I think everyone who cares about health can agree that’s a penny-wise, pound-foolish imbalance. This means that if you were to make a purchase through one of these links, I would receive a small percentage of the sale price - and that would be lovely. A few weeks ago, cancer took musician David Bowie just as he was experiencing a creative resurgence. Immunotherapy techniques can shrink or even eliminate many kinds of cancerous tumors — without the damaging impact of chemotherapy treatments.
The bipartisan legislation would enable the Food and Drug Administration to more quickly evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new treatments and medical progress.

That’s why it’s nothing short of a tragedy that NIH has endured a decline in real funding over the past decade.
The economist Stephen Dubner observed that between 1988 and 2000, life expectancy for cancer patients increased by roughly four years. Who can calculate the gain in health, wealth, and happiness if millions of Americans who otherwise would die of cancer live to old age instead? That not only makes me terribly sad, it also makes me want to keep as many families as possible from going through what we’ve gone through. Another popular entertainer, Celine Dion, lost her husband to cancer last month — and then her brother died of cancer two days later.
New technologies may allow scientists to “edit” defective disease-causing genes, replacing them with healthy DNA.
It would bring the evaluation process into the modern age by using new scientific and technological advances such as biomarkers (molecular indicators of disease), genetic analysis, and Big Data.
He calculated that improvements in cancer survival rates created 23 million additional life-years and approximately $1.9 trillion of additional social value.
This transformation will speed the availability of life-saving therapies to patients who desperately need them — without compromising safety.

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