In every case, no matter how bad the picture looks, there are rays of love that come through it.
For instance, looking at the outpouring of compassion, care, and outreach that has occurred since the shooting in Connecticut is a great example. However, what I am referring to here is the Principal of Love, which is found in the best of human nature—care, kindness, compassion, empathy, helping others, thoughtfulness, generosity and gentleness. On a daily basis, I work with men and women who are in pain and struggling with their relationships.
What if you were to go through each moment of the day looking for these expressions of love? Then, once you got the hang of finding the love in unexpected places you decided to express it in unexpected ways to everyone you come in contact with.
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Through hands-on education, guidance, mentorship, and motivation, Bree Maresca Kramer's innovative and signature approach enables all who hear her to awaken and transform their lives and relationships with a holistic approach that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.
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Chilled drinks were served and a mix of Spanish-English chatter ebbed and flowed around me. Surrounded by a lively cocktail of Colombians, Israelis, Australians and Brits, it was a Saturday night with a uniquely international flavor - and the partygoers shared more similarities than first met the eye. Engaging with old friends and new acquaintances alike, I realised we all had something in common. As the aguardiente was raised, I wagered a bet that once upon a time none of us could have imagined we'd be sat on this terrace at this party in this city sharing our lives with soulmates from around the world.
Within two years, we were headed to Canada on the first leg of our travel adventure together.
This journey from there to here has been remarkable and committing to someone from a different country has been no small thing.

We are culturally enriched from exposure to each other's homes and histories, traditions and celebrations.
At the terrace party last Saturday, I saw that deeper understanding and affection in the eyes and actions of the others. As for my story, I guess I never really expected to find the love of my life on that early morning at that gym in that southern English town.
Today on this Soul Sunday I wanted to remind you that going to church or staying home and listening to The Word is good for your soul. On Sunday I mentioned how my little online job had cut my hours back, well today I got word that they let me go.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. The sports facility where I play just put up some cool poster boards with statistics on the fitness benefits of racquetball.
Racquetball offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, with both sustained high-level heart rate activity and quick burst of energy required during play. Racquetball works nearly every muscle group, including sustained, repetitive use of large muscles that increase calorie burn and reduce fat percentage.
Racquetball players work at a constant rate of 75 to 85% of their maximum heart rate for the duration of a typical game. An average game will take 20 minutes, during which a player will run a distance of approximately 3,650 feet – or over two miles in one hour!
What is this?Musings and cyberglyphic etchings from Morgan Davis, web designer, programmer, photographer and business techie. People from across the nation and world are sending positive thoughts and prayers along with support to families they have never met…a beautiful expression of love.
Frequently, their struggles come from the fact that they have forgotten to come from a place of love with one another. Williams is a Certified Personal and Professional [read more]Do You Qualify For This Mega Ongoing Media Guest Opportunity?It's big.
We arrived at their ground floor apartment terrace to the distinctive rhythm of Latin American music, colourful garden lights twinkling from up high on the marquee, and the mouthwatering aroma of chicken and beef skewers grilling on the barbeque. Half-closing my eyes and with the warm autumnal air on my face, I could have been in Europe.

Sarah was a shining light of positivity and worldliness in my small southern English town of gray. I wanted to see and do extraordinary things with a like-minded friend and partner, not just follow the routine 9-5. From being far from loved ones to the travel distance between familial homes and the ever-present uncertainty regarding how long we live in which place are ongoing issues that will no doubt follow us to the very end. We appreciate each other for what we bring to the table and forever grateful for the sum of both our parts.
For many years now, I’ve played twice a week for two hours and get in at least five games. I’ve been taking the main trail for a few weeks and decided to explore a different route. She saved me from the boredom of a life lived in front of the television or at the shopping mall or down the pub.
And I wanted to be with someone who loved her own home as much as mine and, more importantly, wanted to share it openly with me.
And by embracing their differences and welcoming diversity, they'd created a strong and loving community within which to settle, establish and grow.
The lesson for all Rball players is to stay healthy and strong enough to just get into the court at that age.
When I got to the summit, I just happened to notice that an airplane was sky-writing a heart shape over Lake Murray. We intuitively know each other's thoughts and instinctively protect each other when the need arises as if second nature. I hope for whomever arranged this special message for an equally special love, it lasts a good while longer.

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