Assuming BOTH players' teams are equal, BOTH players' teams fit their individual skillset(s), who do ya' got?
As a pure basketball player, I mean pure skill; taking out longevity, career, and accolades.
Small correction, but Jordan's numbers from '90-'93 were actually slightly better than that.
For Bird, it seems like the turning point as far as taking his game to another level was the '83 loss to the Bucks. As far as a mix of individual greatness at both ends and buying into the team concept, as well as a mix of skills, stamina and athleticism, that was MJ at his absolute best. Not sure what year you consider Jordan's best season to be, but I don't think I have ever seen a perimeter player score more effortlessly than MJ in '92.
I frequently change my mind between '90 and '91 as MJ's best, but '92 has to be in that discussion as well.
I agree that Bird is the best passing non-PG ever, and a top 10 passer at any position, if not top 5, imo.
Amazing that Bird actually averaged 14 rpg during the postseason in one of his championship runs and nearly had as many rebounds as PRIME Moses Malone in the finals.
Very good point, this is a good example of how great Bird's feel for the game was as well as how well he played without the ball. But given the insane numbers MJ was still putting up in the early 90s, I don't think he was all that ball-dominant once Phil came.
I'm not saying i agree, but i like the mindset, if you are going to rank BASKETBALL PLAYERS, how about rank them for their BASKETBALL SKILLS. Considering that we saw how successful both would be in the OP scenario for roughly 7-8 years, Jordan should be the pick hands down.
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Completing the first half of our left side part of the competition, we have 1988 champ Suzanne Vega vs. Luka is a great song (though On & On is better), and the video isn't as bad a some make it out to be, but Badu simply beats it. The Photographic Side of NCAA Football 12This is a discussion on The Photographic Side of NCAA Football 12 within the NCAA Football forums. Wake Forest playing stupid, leaving Mo Sanu wide open 20 yards down field right at the goal line. He struggled the first 2 months due to the back injury, but saw a specialist for his back and took off the rest of the season. Not much of a difference between his play those 2 seasons except that he didn't shoot 3s in '91, and his team had improved taking a bit of the load off of him compared to prior seasons while the Bulls were finally able to rest MJ a bit more which they had planned on doing for years, but never had the team to allow it. I don't want to say it was a HUGE advantage (Bird is actually a pretty underrated defender on ISH), but still considerably better.
Bird had the advantage of being the better shooter and the best non-guard passer ever, while MJ could score just about anywhere on the court, get to the line, and get a stop defensively. As far as complete game, there's no question he was as good as ever that season, maybe better than ever. Obviously, MJ was a great passer himself, and could handle the ball and play like a true point guard in a way that Bird couldn't and had a superior ability to break down a defense off the dribble. MJ was a great rebounder for his position, but Bird was possibly the best at his position, and rebounding is one of the advantages you get with a forward over a guard.
He still got a lot of shots, but they were mostly within the offense and he wasn't dribbling the ball a ton working for his ideal shot which makes his scoring feats all the more remarkable. I mean, both players did have roughly equal talent built catered to their strengths and weaknesses. And no one is saying Luka was a bad video when she blew out her competition in her own poll.

In the offseason prior to the '83-'84 season, he worked on conditioning and 1 on 1 moves, but then prior to the '84-'85 season, he worked almost exclusively on shooting the entire offseason to counter double teams and different types of defensive schemes teams were using against him.
MJ said this changed his approach slightly because it caused him to look for his shot more early in games. That was the year where a noticeable difference can be seen in MJ's physique from lifting weights, though some more of the load was taken off him as Pippen improved and had a larger role, Grant improved a lot and BJ Armstrong became much more of a factor than previous seasons. MJ is arguably a top 10 defender of all-time, and in some circles the best perimeter defender ever.
He really had great instincts and played hard in that regard defensively, though his man defense was obviously never great. With that being said, Bird is superior as far as court vision and skill as a passer, and overall, I think he made a bigger impact with his passing than Jordan did. He was making quick, decisive moves whether it was an 18-20 foot jumper or a drive to the basket. I was going to vote Luka and found On&On (which I had never heard of but it doesn't matter, I watched it now before I was going to vote) incredibly mediocre. I remember Mike doing an interview afterwards saying that the rim looked like a wash basin to him. MJ on the other hand was obviously a great 1 on 1 defender, but it was his help defense that set him apart.
I feel like at least a child of the '80s should be able to appreciate this as a classic '80s video of it's time. Until he started to slow down and Pippen took that role, he was usually the designated double teamer and could wreak all sorts of havoc on his side of the floor, and was obviously one of the greats at playing the passing lanes, but he also didn't compromise the defense too frequently with gambling as he matured. Very smart and talented defender who more importantly clearly took pride in his play at that end and used a ton of energy at that end during the early 90s considering he was always averaging 30+.

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