This is a general question if you want to know about her family and whether she has a good relationship with her parents and siblings.
Asking about current events indicates that you are an up-to-date man with concerns about what is going on in the world nowadays. We also give great importance to the concept of Alpha Male: to reach your goals with women or in any other area of your life, whether you want to be a playboy and date lots of women or find the girl of your dreams, the shortest path is becoming an Alpha Male - a leader, a stand-up guy, a real man. As with everything, there are pros and cons, and even though social media and technology might make the initial date easier, it doesn’t mean it will be a piece of cake. You might also find 10 First Date Mistakes and this Online Dating Guide For Girls useful for gaining even more insight regarding first date tips. Next, select what you are going to wear ahead of time and make sure that your outfit is comfortable from head to toe. What you need to make your first date extraordinary is a good choice of conversation topics.
Women love it when you give her compliments on things they’re good at or things they’ve achieved.
It will make her think that you really pay attention to her and have a genuine interest in her. This topic will lead to you learning more about her, whether she’s a good friend, whether she pays attention to her surroundings, or whether likes to gossip. You can add more questions like, “Do you hang out with your sister sometimes?” or “So, your sister and you like making fun of your little brother, eh?” Start telling about your family and past activities you did with them. If you want to make this relationship a serious one, you should know about her goals for the future. Asking this question gives you a hint whether she’s interested in you or whether she prefers not seeing you again.

If something goes terribly wrong, your lady friend might tell everyone she knows on Twitter and Facebook all about it. If I could humbly offer guys one piece of first date advice, I would say to keep your phone in our pocket during the whole date.
Of course you are happy to have a date and are excited about getting to know the person but sometimes the nerves are unbearable! Not only is this a great safety tip but taking your own car makes it a lot easier if things start to go downhill. You have to be comfortable on a first date or any other date because nothing should distract you from trying to connect with the person you’re with. Listen to music as you get ready, hit the gym a few hours prior or do something else that gets you pumped. If your interests happen to be the same as hers, you can continue the conversation smoother and easier.
However, remember that you are not allowed to ask about her past relationships (unless she does so too).
Making fun of some embarrassing moments you experienced can also add some laughter to your first date.
In the old days, guys had to build up the courage to ask a girl out on a date, and he risked rejection in the harshest way. One thing about dating that has not changed is that it’s still important to have some basic manners.
There should be no tweeting, no facebooking, no foursquaring, no emailing, no DM’ing and no answering the phone. You wonder what you are going to say next, you worry about how you look and are thinking about whether or not the date will end with a kiss all while trying to maintain eye contact and be engaging.

Compliment the way she looks, but instead of saying, “You look beautiful today,” you can compliment about her more specifically on her appearance. Once she says, “I love spending my time in the gym,” which you love doing in your free time anyway, you can next say, “That’s great!
This infographic below called Surviving First Dates With A Little Help From Your Tech by Neo Mammalian Studios is really just a refresher in dating manners put together in the format of first date tips. Fortunately there are some really simple tips you can use to increase your chance of having an amazing first date.
Asking about where she bought the dress she wears will give you hints to where she loves shopping and what kind of style she likes. Avoid saying, “I know nothing about history,” which will make her think that you don’t read enough or you’re just plain dumb. Today’s technology allows a guy to get to know a special lady on a very personal level before ever asking her on a first date.
If you are unsure about the basics, read this and remember the advice when you are on your next date. Now that I think about it, I suppose some first date tips for guys and girls might still come in handy.

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