Instead of dragging the romance on, the couples are interviewed immediately after their date and asked if they want to go on a second.
Obviously, being an Aussie reality show it’s filled with stereotypes like the international model, the city guy and the small town country girl.
A very famous family will be joining the contestants on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here – the Irwins are heading into the jungle! Every week we are hearing more and more amazing info about the Gilmore Girls revival, however, this latest news has us wanting to cry! How Does Warnie's Daughter Feel About Him Walking Around In His Undies On I'm A Celeb?
New dating show First Dates has secured a loyal following since it launched three weeks ago and it's easy to see why: with cameras trained on nervous singles, we get to watch them navigate their way through an always-awkward first date with a stranger. We first watched her give it a go with muscular softie Jordan in episode two, and then in episode three when she was paired with Stewart, but there were no sparks to be seen on either date. We have a lot of questions about how the show works, so we got on the phone with Steph to ask her all of them.
Stephanie: The First Dates Twitter account retweeted one of my random tweets I put out in the universe, so I thought I’d check out what they were. Stephanie: You’re there all day, it’s an all-day thing right into the night, but you only have four to five hours of filming between the pre- and post-interviews, the walk in to the restaurant and the actual date. Based on the incredible true story of one man's fight for freedom after being kidnapped and sold into slavery.
In episode four of First Dates, we met nine new singles and caught up with Kate, who was unlucky in love last week (her date, Griff, was awesome, but just not her type). He starts telling her how he's lived around the world and now he's speaking different languages to her. Catherine makes the cutest little eyes at David, especially when he insists on paying for their dinner. She likes masculine guys, and the fact that her last boyfriend was in touch with her emotions was a turn off. She's straight in there with the party-girl talk and it doesn't give off hugely romantic vibes. She says she doesn't want marriage or babies, rather she wants someone she can be mates with and they only sleep with each other. Then they start talking about Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner, randomly, and she subsequently reveals she's slept with around 40 people.
She seems like she could not care less about him but we're not sure if it's a defence mechanism. She does her piece to camera and explains she was kicked out of home at 15, and has had to fend for herself since then. He throws out an invite to Bali (after telling the camera she's his type) and she tells him she'll be there in a few weeks when he'll be there.

Andrew likes confident women and says she can be the most beautiful person in the world but if she has a negative energy he will not be attracted to her. He's only had one or two serious relationships but believes the right one is out there for him. Cheyenne and Valery run off to the bathroom to exchange tales of their dates, and both women are so into their guys.
Remy's an actor and Valery is a performer (she and her sisters perform on African drums and instruments) so they also should be able to get along pretty well. Remy tells the producer he wants to see Valery again and she reciprocates, so the twins were totally successful. James tells Kate he had a blast and says, "I don't think it's really a question, it's more like, 'What are we doing next?'" Smooth move, James. It’s like having a bestie and wingman watching over them as they fumble their way through the awkwardness. It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require.
Over the past few episodes, we've met a bunch of cool people, all looking for love — including the funny and beautiful Stephanie. And I thought, you know what, it’s my birthday today, I’m feeling good about myself, I’m just going to go for it. Just on face value, I looked at him and was like, "Oh he’s not really my type." And then we got chatting and got to know each other, and the thing that I appreciated about him the most was [that they could pick on each other] and it was all in the name of fun — give and take. We were contemplating, genuinely thinking about it, and Jordan lives not far from me, so we thought we could go do it randomly in the city one night.
When I was talking to my respective dates, there may have been a few lulls in the conversation and I was like, "What do I say next?" but the restaurant was a comfortable environment. He looks like a softie but says he's very picky and refuses to settle for anything but the best.
She seems more like someone who'd be a mate than a romantic partner but too early to judge. They're talking about meeting people for a reason and all the rest of it, and they do seem compatible. Most of the feedback I’ve seen has been generally nice, there are a few nasties, but you’re going to get that anyway.
A month later, they called me and I had no idea who they were or what they were talking about. A few people don't know, but Jordan and Stew actually had to use their own money to pay for dinner. There was a bit of chatter and noise, it wasn’t like you were just sitting there in silence with this random person. Then you walk straight back to where we were filming and it’s instant, you don’t really have time to think.

And when I figured it out, I was like, "Oh yeah, I’ll come in." I just didn’t think anything of it. As soon as I sat down after the first five minutes, I genuinely felt like the cameras weren’t there and I was actually on a blind date. You’re so cool, can I please get a photo?" I was like, you can get a photo and the number, you can have it all! But in saying that, I've had sex with a lot of people on the first date," she says with a laugh. At least that's what we think he said, we rewound it 100 times and still aren't totally sure. He was much the same – when I looked at him I was like, "OK, he’s not my type at all." But when we sat down and really got to know each other, in the end he was the same.
It’s so awkward when you have to sit next to the person, and you have to say, "Do you want to continue dating?" That’s awkward. There was a lot of back and forth and he seemed to get my sense of humour, he was funny too. But some talk about it like they have to prove it in a courtroom presided over by Pepe Le Pew.We GET it, Donna and Tony. Both my dates were a good time, but I think because I was on TV, I just put a lot of pressure on it thinking, "I’m in Sydney, I’m on TV, I’ve flown here, I’ve got to meet the absolute most perfect human in the world." In reality, either of those boys would have been great. But it was just the fact that I was in Sydney, I wanted it to be all that, I think that’s why I was a bit sad at the end of the second date. Chris is handsome, sweet, and unfettered by the inconvenient burden of too much to think about.GIRL NICE.
Not bothering to dispel that image, he orders an expensive scotch with exactly two ice cubes. She lies and says she likes his pocket square.Except for the one hundred per cent intensity that both Lauren and Alan throw at every detail of their lives, they make an unlikely couple. Despite her telling a friend on the phone that she’d normally reject someone like him. She responds with “We may come out of this as great friends, or we may come out of it as something more. For someone with so robust a cosmetic veneer on the outside, she is fiercely natural and bare on the inside.
When the waitress asks for her order, Steph reads the entire risotto listing to her, including the price.

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