Channel4 have launched into the dating world with a number of interesting mating programmes.
As part of the broadcaster’s Mating Season, Date Night will give viewers the chance to hook up with the singletons they see on screen.
Just like any dating site, the pre-selected singletons will choose their own dates from those who get in touch online.
The first episode was last week and now the audience have the chance to join the dating pool by applying online. I personally would consider breaking my rule about getting involved in with dating shows following the total screw up of the year of making love. Nadia E sounds, quite nice… 31 years old, Entrepreneur wants someone whos a gentleman and someone whos a partner rather than a bit on the side.
If you appear in First Dates we may agree with you that you will become a dater on the show, in which case, members of the public will be able to apply to date you on the First Dates programme by way of the First Dates website.
Not a fan of some of the terms and conditions but heck what you say, its TV and its the reason why I don’t really like to be involved. My description isn’t the best but alas if you seen my OKCupid profile you will know what kind of madness I typed in (maybe I should have grammar checked it first?). Senior "Firestarter" Producer at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and serial Manchester social geek event organiser. And that may be just fine and dandy for shows that are in the middle of their marketing life cycle, when the odds are high that the viewer has seen a good chunk of impressions before viewing that online print ad we call banners.

You’re online, reading an article about something fun that a new show is doing, and up pops an ad for a new play.
Do we really expect our customers to commit over $100 AND 3-4 hours of their lives (commuting time counts).
Yet knowing that this conversion is such a long shot for most shows, we go for it anyway, like a stupid frat boy who thinks he’s going to get lucky just by telling people how much he can bench. Why not use your banners to get them to sign up to your email list, so you can drip marketing messages to them and get them to buy later?
That being said, you can always return a pair of pants — often free shipping both ways.
But I think Broadway is missing a huge marketing opportunity in the hotel rooms where just about everyone is staying. One of the best is Dates which I’ve blogged about before but the other biggie is there first dates show.
Anyone who visits the broadcaster’s website will be able to apply to date pre-selected members of the public.
Applicants who are overlooked first time round need not despair: they may get a second chance. But shes from London and I don’t think that would work even with me going back and forth to London all the time. I could just watch the site out of interest just in-case but it does seem better to be in the pool ahead of time?

You understand and agree that your profile may be available publicly for an indefinite period of time. But I DO buy from emails that I get with discounted tickets, as well as some sites that specialize in discounted tickets. We stayed at the Hilton Doubletree and the video channel of broadway shows was so outdated, and the quality of the video was poor, that is really when most people are making the decision about what show to see that night, when they are sitting in the hotel, waiting to go to the TKTS window.
Heck who knows what might happen, might be interesting to be in the background having another first date? Their first date will be filmed for an interactive documentary series, entitled Date Night. But, as a POV, the banner ad is most useful if it first draws them so they learn about the show. I had a good experience last year, where we put every pr dollar into online marketing, ramped up with beguiling banner ad weeks before a SINGLE night event, and got a record 7MM clicks, and Bravo!

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