A flirty text to send to a guy you like doesn’t have to be a shocker to be effective.
Get extra playful by describing what you’re wearing or doing, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t tell anyone else. Coming up with flirty texts to send to a guy you like should be a labor of love, not a nerve wrecking disaster. Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. Hey guys, I’m going to let you in on one very sneaky little texting trick that will instantly vamp up the romance (and fun) in your relationship – romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend! Texting is a great way to communicate how you’re feeling, whether it’s happy, sad, lonely, excited – or even horny. The male population, generally speaking, is quite adept at aggressively seeking women they’re interested in.
This tried-and-true technique has landed plenty of men and kept the attention of many more.

However, when you really like someone, it can be scary to move out of your comfort zone and send something unusual. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. You are glancing at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, and one thought preoccupies your mind: what to text her? Whether you’re more of the outgoing chick flirting with the new guy in your office, or “Miss Shy Girl” flirting with someone you recently met online there are tons of creative ways to tackle text flirting and showcase your unique personality.
As fun as texting is, it can quickly become embarrassing if the recipient isn’t interested in you.
Seduction requires an element of mystery, and forcing your partner to use their imagination is a simple way to hook him in without coming across as vulgar or crass. However, only use this with men you already have a repertoire with, not a guy you just met.
Remember, the name of the game is: flirty texts to send to a guy you like…and who likes you back!

Trigger his imagination and have him picturing the scene you’re suggesting by staying a little mysterious.
Obviously, you’ll never know for sure if he really digs you – after all, not knowing is half the fun! Take your time and have fun when crafting your flirty texts to send to a guy your like masterpieces!
But you should still proceed with caution until you have an inkling of hope that he wants to take your relationship outside the friend zone. If you’re interested in receiving over 300 free text messages filled with creative ideas, sign up for our free 30 day Texting Club trial.

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