Windows: FileMaker Server requires Internet Information Services (IIS), which will be enabled when you install FileMaker Server. For Custom Web Publishing with PHP, FileMaker Server requires a PHP engine to respond to requests from the web server and to process PHP code. Hosts the databases that you share with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users and publish on the web.
When you deploy FileMaker Server across two machines, one machine is always the master and the other is a worker. The master communicates with the worker to handle database requests from users, configure the settings on all machines, and monitor the status and activity of all components.
Important: To enhance the security of your database solution, especially on the Internet, consider using a firewall on the public side of a FileMaker Server deployment.
The type of deployment you should use depends primarily on the web publishing load, as summarized in the table below. You can deploy FileMaker Server on one machine in two ways: Database Server only or Database Server and Web Publishing Engine. Benefits: This is the easiest deployment to set up and administer, if you don't need web publishing. Note Even when web publishing is disabled, FileMaker Server requires a web server to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks. You can install Database Server, the Web Publishing Engine, and all of the associated software components on the same machine as the web server. Benefits: This is the simplest deployment with web publishing and the one that most FileMaker Server users will use. You can deploy FileMaker Server across two machines: the Web Publishing Engine, web server, and Web Server Module on one machine and the Database Server on a second machine.
Benefits: This deployment separates all of the web publishing-related components from the Database Server.
Note: In addition to the web server on the worker machine used for web publishing, FileMaker Server also requires a web server on the master machine to host the web-based Admin Console application and to handle some data transfer tasks. In Phase II, several IT Transformation Program (ITTP) teams were created to deliver a transformation project plan that addresses our service needs, fits within our financial constraints, and allows for future growth and change.
At least 62 IT staff members are directly involved with task groups and ITTP project teams contributing from 1 to 3 days a week.
ITTP project teams are designing solutions to meet the specific objectives of each project.
The project teams are designing and implementing the necessary changes to the IT operating model (people, processes and technology) to implement the new service delivery vision. A project definition is provided for each ITTP team below in terms of its objectives, major deliverables, project managers and team members.
Conducted an ITTP Group Working Session March 9 (attended by Project Managers and Team members). PMO team presented first iteration of PMO Methodology, Toolkit and demonstrated the TWiki collaboration tool. Launched a Communication Team to deal with ITTP Program communications in an integrated manner. Yellow status of Solution Design deliverable: There was some lack of clarity for the teams on the required form and structure of their Solution Designs.
Began work with the ITTP Coordinating Committee to share each team's high level solution designs and build common understanding of the structure and content of the ITTP deliverables.

Need to define an approach for synthesizing the individual project team designs into an overall refined IT Service Delivery Vision.
Establish description of activities and time frame to foster development of the new IT organization's culture. Determine an effective method for soliciting, collecting, analyzing, and advertising feedback regarding the new IT organization. Attended IT Culture Team retreat April 6 with Writing Faculty Don Rothman to produce descriptions of each Core Value. Realize the importance of communication ? get information out there through the ITS website and peer to peer discussion. Provide training opportunities ? management training, project management training, leadership training at all levels, and customer service training. Clarify feedback deliverable 4: several teams have this deliverable (Client Relationship Management, Communications, Project Management Office). Determine an IT service architecture for how clients will perceive services, and how service providers connect the sets of services they provide to the client. CRM Solution and Approach: diagrams and overview of CRM principles, service architecture, and process. Developing high-level plans for unit responsible for: 1) packaging services in bundles that meet customer needs, 2) rollout of new services with the customer in mind. Developed an organization chart that identifies the roles of divisional liaisons and local IT technicians. Created an implementation plan, which includes evaluation and consolidation of campus technologies. Define a suite of security services that produces cost savings, ensures security of campus IT resources, empowers campus IT resource owners and IT managers.
Looked at the possibility of creating a ongoing process of risk assessment that would include regular audits to monitor vulnerabilities. PMO office for assistance in selecting and customizing policy development and assessment methodology.
Define a methodology for developing, maintaining, decommissioning and applying standard development practices and technical architecture to Enterprise Services. Proposed the formation of a group that would provide application development services to the campus. Provide IT perspective and work with the campus team to define suitable IT funding metrics and mechanisms for the future.
Initiated developmental work associated with defining the costs of IT services so as to begin to develop a model for use with team leads and others in scoping out the costs of both bronze and bronze plus level services.
Will work with team leads to map out specific services in their areas, their costs and the delineation of bronze and bronze plus services.
Develop the service offering for project management that could be offered as a service to the campus.
Design a rigorous, flexible portfolio management process and supporting procedures to enable campus IT needs to be systematically surfaced, scoped into initiatives, evaluated and prioritized for development and implementation. The Portfolio Management process should provide a holistic approach for identifying IT needs across the campus and determining the best allocation and use of IT investment funds. Defined and completed initial set of project management templates, tools, and examples, including project status report template, risk matrix, roles and responsibilities definitions, issues log, project management competencies, etc. Examined how to leverage and grow upon the wealth of unidentified resources and skills across campus.

Will continue to collaborate as needed with Communication Team, ITTP Coordinating Team, and Enterprise Applications & Architecture team. Revised workstation support group interview questions based on initial meeting experiences. Examined the creation of a quality assurance lab and an IT supply and repair center to better provide services to clients. Design a consolidated approach to providing web publishing capability to the campus that will create an integrated campus web presence (standards, content management, information architecture, roles and responsibilities). Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0, the default web server that ships with Windows 2003, requires a MIME type to recognize that FLV files are streamed media. Note: If you do not have access to the server, please send this guide to your hosting provider or administrative contact. In a multiple-machine deployment, the machine running the Database Server is called the master machine. For a greater web publishing load, you may want to use two machines in your FileMaker Server deployment.
This configuration is suitable for small deployments (up to 50 FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients) and limited web publishing.
Under most conditions, this configuration is the highest performing FileMaker Server deployment. Each team is also developing a work plan and implementation approach for the next phase of the project (Phase III - Implementation). This will involve building and evolving new IT capabilities, and creating a new IT culture to support the campus mission as a consolidated IT function. Successive work sessions with the teams will define the scope and characteristics of each project in more detail (approach, timing, and specific resources).
This tool will be used to allow teams to share their work-in-progress, share program knowledge and for group dialogue and discussion. Mel Barracliffe and Janine Roeth will be working with Laurie McCann on visual approach to this problem. The approach should consider all workstation HW platforms, support processes and organization, and the definition of Bronze Level workstation support. The operating systems of the machines can be all Windows, all OS X, or a combination of the two.
You can first deploy on one machine and, if the load increases over time, you can change the deployment later to use two machines. Each plan will define the timeline and resources (people and funding) required for successful implementation. As the work on these projects progress, the Service Delivery Model will need to be refined and evolved.
In addition some of these projects may be reconstituted as working groups where a formal project management approach is not warranted.
The VAT rate for Electronic Software Downloads and other FileMaker products classified as services under local law will be at the rate applicable to the country where the customer belongs.
Specific start dates for implementation will be developed by each team as soon as possible, however it is anticipated that all the projects outlined here will begin implementation no later than June 2004.

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