I have not added similar looking card mockup so this is a mockup list with unique styles which are different from one another. A brilliant looking mockup where the business card is placed on a table as if it is freshly opened. A simple version of mockup yo ucan find on this page with a front view of your card displayed on a wooden table. A realistic mockup form achieved in real light conditions can produce stunning visuals for your business card promotion.
Display normal cards in embossed or wood cut design just by adding images to smart object in psd file included here.
A photorealistic PSD business card mock-up to present your business card design with the unique, tactile feel of letterpress printing. Today’s freebie is a photorealistic, high quality mock-up from Eduardo Mejia,  perfect for presenting your work  in style. Our new psd business card mock-up template is the best way to showcase your corporate design. A simple mockup template in psd format is free to download here which can be used to showcase our new business card template. Easy to apply your designs using smart objects, just double click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and you’re done! Easy to paste in your own work via Smart objects ( No skewing or scaling necessary ) with huge 1800 x 1800 Resolution. With organized layers and with smart objects you can add your front and back card designs to display in the mockup right away.
A free round business card mock up in the collection. This item contains 1 highly detailed photorealistic mock-up. Ignore below mockups if you are not interested in buying professional mockup but they do serve as amazing inspiration for your next mockup design.
This Multiformat Business Card Mock-up uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace its contents for your own quickly and easily. You just need to double-click the Smart-Object, copy & paste your artwork, save, and you’re done. When i put my design in the smart object layer and save it, the design don’t take the shape of the mock up just the effect get applied.

We are looking always to provide great and useful design content, in our previous post we showcasing 40+ Free PSD Logo Mockups in today post we are presenting 25 free PSD business card mockups to help you present your business card in amazing look, hope you did a beautiful business card.
Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. With the help of Photoshop you can easily edit this psd template in one click as it is made as smart object.
Grab this unique set of card mockup designed for free which can also be edited with photoshop and has smart object layers for much easier editing. The psd is free to download having well grouped layers and smart object for one click image change. Use the smart layers to place your design and change the business cards side color via adjustment layer.
Use it to preview before printing, showcase your design to clients or on a portfolio website. With a simple drag and drop on the smart object layer your design will be presented in a realistic and striking way.
In Addition to this, there is also a mockup that you can use to showcase your business cards to your clients. You can add your design or simply edit the template information very easy, via smart object. This PSD files uses Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly. Real proportions, real depth of field and real background Includes 10 different styles Portrait and landscape orientation.
This field is now becoming more professional and everyday new methods and techniques are coming that signifies its exclusivity.Mockup is a designing model it’s the simplest way to boost up your design in no time. These are the ingredients which can make each and every tiny piece of design worth approval and appreciation.A graphic designer always puts forward his skill of designing through various ways of showing inventiveness and uniqueness. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Mockups are useful to display your won business card in style instead of the flat front and back page of the card. The shadows, reflections, depth of field and background texture are on separate layers, so you can play around with all the details.

He cannot stereotype his designs like the ones he has already made in the past; neither can he imitate the designs of others.
Designing is especially a time consuming task and when designers completed their design they definitely need to showcase the design to their clients.
He has to create a design on its own which is not only different but also beautiful so it won’t go to waste paper basket or in the trash can.A graphic designer has to confront different challenges each day on his office desk. Smart objects are the main part of these psd templates as they allow adding your front or back portion of your business card directly into the mockup.
Sometimes all he has to make are business card designs on daily basis as per the demands of the various clients that come to him.Today I am unfolding a collection of 30+ free premium business card mockup PSD files for presentation. Without doing everything by yourself in designing a project you can just download a PSD file and do some changes and you can introduce your design through your clients.
You simply have to insert your own design of business card into this mockup and there it is all set to impress your clients. Putting your design this way would not seek rejection or disapproval.
Here you will find 28 free psd business card mock-ups for Photoshop ready to download and modify which we have found this new year of 2015. These PSD files are used to present designs in an aesthetic way all you have to do is to change a smart object by double clicking on that layer which contain your design object have some changes and display your design.
Through this mockup it will be easy for you to showcase what you have designed, it will also be understood by the client whether the required work is professionally done or not.
If you are a designer then these mockups will help you a lot and save your time and if you are a beginner  and don’t familiar about these mockup designs then don’t worry in these mockups there is a helping file in it.
So I am sure this accumulation will help you out in your future projects of business card designs. 1 year ago Best 50 Designs of Nail Art 2014 1 year ago 50 Best Street Art in 2014 1 year ago 25 Best Architectural Buildings of 2014 1 year ago Find Best RealEstate WP Themes of 2016 Your Never-Miss-Out Online App for Collages, Posters, Cards and Social Medias 5 Best Phones in the U.S.

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