Nike first introduced the Nike Free shoe in 2004, bringing to life the concept of training barefoot to strengthen the feet and legs coupled with the protection and traction of a lightweight performance shoe.
Nike has evolved the Nike Free running shoe over the years while the architecture of a natural motion outsole has been adopted across a variety of performance footwear platforms including basketball, training, and tennis. The creation of the Nike Free shoe begins with the last which is the model around which a shoe is built. Relative to the evolution of the Nike Free, Hatfield added, “We need to maintain a one-to-one ratio between the upper and the outsole, meaning that the flexibility of the outsole and the support of the upper must operate in concert – the outsole must always have the same degree of flexibility to the degree of support in the upper.
The phylite mid-sole of the Nike Free features a Waffle outsole construction for lightweight, resilient cushioning along with enhanced proprioception, traction and durability. Deep, gender-specific Nike Free sipes molded along the length and width of the mid-sole allow for barefoot-like flexibility and stability, while retaining the traction, underfoot protection and cushioning of a shoe.

Wider sipes, across the forefoot allow for greater engagement of the toes through propulsion for increased muscle activation and a more barefoot-like experience.The outsole is made of an abrasion-resistant, BRS 1000 carbon rubber under the crash pad enhancing the durability in this high-wear area, while strategically-placed segments of solid rubber enhance traction and durability at key wear zones. Please note UK phone numbers are replaced with a temporary privacy number, click here for more info. Nike Free allows athletes to experience these benefits in practically every environment,” said Tobie Hatfield, Innovation Manager for the Nike Innovation Kitchen. One can never lead the other or the prospect of emulating bare foot running is compromised. The mid-sole also provides enough durability to double as an outsole, dramatically reducing overall weight. There are no advertising, commission, brokerage, hidden charges, final fees or any other costs whatsover.

After submitting the form you will have the option of uploading or emailing upto 6 pictures. The materials and engineering that ultimately surround the last are designed to work together to continue the emulation of bare foot articulation.

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