1Facebook Messenger: Keep connected with your friends and relatives with this killer social network application. 2Go!Chat for Facebook: A must have application to chat on Facebook using your Android phone. 3Seesmic: Ultimate app for social networking activity on Twitter and Facebook both combine. 8Dish Remote Access for Android: A unique Remote Desktop for Android which provide TV facility on your phone. 13Voice Recorder: This is a handy voice recorder app which is specially design to record voice. 14Tape Talk Voice Recorder: Top Best free voice recorder app for Android with large number feature list. 21T-Mobile Video Chat by Qik: This is premium apps for free for Android devices specially Powered by T-Mobile.
I’m looking forward to the compilation of top iOS apps because I’m interested to see if they’re similar to the top Android apps. Smartphones can do some amazing things these days, and the Android Market has quickly become a sandbox for some clever developers, as well as Google Inc. We've already touched on some popular Android apps for Twitter, some for news, and some great multiplayer games, but not all apps have a specific purpose.
If you've lost your passion for Android's bare bones built-in photo gallery, check out the Floating Image app that will breathe new life into your snaps, as well as pull in some great shots from around the web.
There's not a whole lot of utility here, but it's a really sharp looking way to show off your photos or discover some pretty ones from Flickr.
We've certainly covered the release of Google Goggles before, but it's hard to over-stress just how cool this project is. In testing, Goggles didn't recognize the Nike swoosh (one of the simplest and most well-known U.S.
Google is also hoping to implement text translation into Goggles, which is not available yet, but is expected in future updates.
Talk To Me is an impressive app that can translate your input text or speech between over 40 different languages, and in most cases, speak the translations back to you. The speed and ease of translation has a pretty big cool factor, but this is one app on the list that may also be very useful for tourists or those studying a new language. If you're out with friends and still on the fence about which flick to catch and where, gather 'round the old Nexus One and fire up the new MovieFone app, which is a great way to get film details without ever touching a mobile browser. If you simply must get your nerd on, the Android Lightsaber app, which is officially sanctioned by LucasArts, brings the power of the Force (or a Force-like substance) into the palm of your hand.

BubbleBeats is brand new in the Market and injects some much-needed creativity into Android's music library.
There are plenty of apps that you can use for your daily musical needs but this one seems to be the most well-rounded out there. Possibly the best photo editing app out there (at least among the freely downloadable ones), Snapseed offers you a quick and simple way to edit your pictures. A must have for anyone having trouble managing their finances, Mint is a free download app that serves as a financial aid and budget-planner. Sure, you can listen to music on other apps but SoundCloud sets itself apart by its user generated music. Yep, an app that’s focused on bringing you the latest on science and technology straight on your Android device.
In case you’re a very busy person and need help keeping track of your schedule and appointments, this app could make everything easier. Over the course of thousands of years, human ingenuity has slowly separated us from nature. SharePrice is specially design for UK users to check stock exchange’s price and trades. I was completely missing this most popular Android App but after Hayden‘s request who is our loyal reader, i added in this list of 200 Most wanted Android Apps.
I’m a personal fan of the MX Player app because I’m a big movie buff, and the UI on this app works well for how often I watch movies on my Android. I’ve read that Songza is an up and coming app for iOS, but the only one iOS app that I know is a big hit with many of my friends is the Dish Remote Access app.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I’m sure some will not agree with my choices, but there’s a good reason why these apps are among the most popular free download apps for mobile devices using Android. It’s not just any old music player, you can also sync it to iTunes and have podcast and radio support. Clean Master also comes with Antivirus and Security suite, as well as memory and speed booster.
Image Tuning, Selective Adjustments, Image Borders, Filters, you name it, this app has is all.
The app gives you up-to-date information on your accounts and keeps track of your budget all the time.
If you like to keep track  with the latest news and footage from NASA, then this is the app for you.

Any.do features Cloud Syncing, Voice Recognition, Alerts, Missed Calls, Auto-Complete and more.
If that idea bothers you, then be sure to download RedPhone as this app keeps your conversations secured at all times.
Here I have chosen Best Free Android apps which makes your phone much value added and Powerful.
They say it may even be better than the one I have for Android because it’s just been updated with a faster UI, and it looks superb with the new iPad’s retina display. Tackling different needs, these free apps should be present on any Android-based mobile device. Double Twist is for today’s mobile devices what Winamp used to be for PCs, back in the day. Everything you need to make your device better in one app, with an intuitive interface that also makes it easy to use.
You don’t have to be an expert to use it, you just need to perform some data entry and then make a couple of settings and you’re ready to go. I learned of it and Dish’s Sling Adapter when I started working for them, and it’s great for streaming live TV and my DVR recordings.
You can also transfer files and make video conferences, so pretty much everything you need is included in Skype, an app that is entirely free to use. Keep in mind that this is like a financial adviser, but all the decisions concerning your money spending are still up to you.
If at any moment you feel the need for some good old British literature or just want to catch up with what present day authors are writing, you can do just that with Audible. If not, you can always listen to the latest remixes or mash-ups and from what I hear, many of the world’s best DJs do their mixing here as well. I feel like I have all of the entertainment I’ll ever need on my Android, and I have it wherever I go.
There is nothing amazing about Skype by today’s standards, it’s just one solid app and the interface is pretty slick and easy to use as well.

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