Viking horde malware turns android devices into botnet, The sophisticated malware campaign consists of a number of games and apps that are readily available viking horde malware gains root access of any android device - it can steal your personal data, conduct ddos attacks and ad frauds..
Some allwinner kernel forks contain easy root exploit, Root privileges are provided with no further questions asked. Viking horde malware uses google play store to infect android devices, Android your root access privileges to make it difficult, if not impossible to manually remove the malware. Viking horde malware plunders android devices via google play downloads - Another android malware threat has been uncovered that has potentially "scam!!!
Viking horde malware turns android devices into botnet - The sophisticated malware campaign consists of a number of games and apps that are readily available viking horde malware gains root access of any android device - it can steal your personal data, conduct ddos attacks and ad frauds.. Some allwinner kernel forks contain easy root exploit - Root privileges are provided with no further questions asked.
Viking horde malware uses google play store to infect android devices - Android your root access privileges to make it difficult, if not impossible to manually remove the malware. Parrot copter and viking jump apps hide malware in google play - No matter how handy it might be for an android rooting enthusiast, in a game of the viking jump variety. The best equalizer apps for android - For starters, every single equalizer app you can download and install without having a rooted phone is basically the same. How to remove bloatware on android without rooting - They might not be the sort of freebies you or i want (you know, free hardware, free games superfish malware debacle, android bloatware is an issue.
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Article Contents1 Ok, I’ve Rooted, So Now What?2 Titanium Backup3 ROM Manager4 ShootMe5 Juice Defender: Ultimate Juice6 Root Explorer7 Quick Boot8 Wireless Tether9 Shark For Root10 What About You? Aside from allowing the installation of popular ROMs developed by the Android community, rooting your phone also comes with the benefit of being able to install apps that require root permissions.
Finding such apps can be a hassle, so we’ve done some of the leg work for you and come up with a detailed rundown of our top 8 root-only applications.
The thought of losing all the apps on your Android device likely evokes a slight sinking sensation in your gut. Fortunately for root users, Titanium Backup provides a 2-click peace of mind solution, should such a tragedy befall you.
The application can be configured to run its tasks on a schedule, and the $3.99 donate version allows you to set up multiple schedules for the various combinations of backups it is capable of performing. In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, Titanium Backup can painlessly remove any application from your phone, including system-installed apps (such as the pesky Amazon MP3 Store, Sprint NASCAR, NFL, and other garbage).
If you’ve ever thought about loading a custom ROM or kernel onto your phone, ROM Manager will make the experience a lot more user friendly. ROM Manager allows you to flash almost any ZIP to your phone, whether it be a kernel, ROM, app package, or radio image.
If you mess up your OS, load into Clockwork Recovery, choose restore, find your backup, and voila! ROM Manager has other features, including support for installing and updating certain big name ROMs (such as Cyanogen), the ability to download and install ZIP files via QR codes, a permissions repair utility, SD card partitioning, and the option to flash alternative recovery images. ROM Manager is probably the most feature-packed application on this list, and is definitely worth four dollars for the premium version. No, this is not an app which unlocks your phone’s ability to mortally wound you, nor is it yet another annoying soundboard.
While of varying usefulness to different people, ShootMe is far and away the most convenient screenshot app available for Android that I've used. Frankly, I find it useful when I want to shamelessly brag to my iPhone-using friends about how awesome my Nexus One and Android are.
Ultimate Juice (the paid version of Juice Defender) must be installed over an existing copy of Juice Defender, and unlocks a few additional capabilities for users with root permissions.
For a list of Ultimate Juice features that require root, its developers have provided this handy table in their FAQ. One more unique feature of Root Explorer is the ability to modify permissions settings on files or folders. Quick Boot may seem a trivial app, but I regularly use the reboot button, and find it to be the easiest way to access reboot, bootloader, and recovery boot functions.
This is the de-facto app when it comes to wireless tethering - it is free, open source, and actively maintained by its developer Harald Mue.
You can download the app from the market (the first QR code) or from the official google code page (the second QR code). Wireless Tether remains the best way to utilize your Android device as a WiFi or Bluetooth (PAN) hotspot, and can be installed on nearly any Android device, including those running older versions of the Android OS.
This app was previously known as Andro Shark over at the XDA forums, and was in closed beta for some time until it recently reappeared as Shark For Root on the Android Market. Shark monitors all network activity on your device (presumably from all interfaces) and outputs a .pcap file.
Do you have a root app that you feel is bar-none the best reason to root your Android device? Nexus One Finally Receives FM Radio Support, Not Thanks To Google But The Android Community. We appreciate the devs that rely solely on the ad revenue stream to continue developing and offering apps for free. We also run a free site and spend a considerable amount of time (I personally spend all my free time here) writing articles and making the site the best it can be. I could keep going but it suffices to say that Adfree and the likes go against our principles.
I would have much greater respect for Androidpolice as an objective and trustworthy source of news - if the app were included in the list, along with your commentary.
As for an "objective and trustworthy source of news", you may have this site confused with the Times or AP.
You are being hypocritical in suggesting that while we have the right to decide how our devices are used (i.e. However, I can understand if AndroidPolice doesn’t want to promote an app that could adversely affect their revenue stream or that of developers they support just like I wouldn’t expect Sprint to promote rooting phones and using free tethering apps. I can not under stand why displaying an advert would eat that much CPU, but until it doesn't I'll go with AdFree. If someone can explain to me why a Linux based OS that handles cache from within the kernel needs user intervention to clear that said cache when the user thinks it's necessary rather than when it knows it is the right time to, I'm willing to listen and even post the arguments promoting CacheMate.
If, however, users just like to see a higher number of free memory and thinks it's magic and this cache thingymajig is garbage, then we need to do something to educate the common man. Yeah, Wireless Tether is certainly a battery killer (though for obvious reasons!), when you have a USB cable, wired tether is definitely the way to go! Readers should be aware, however, that wired tether requires kernel support too; not just a rooted phone.

I don't have to make a profile to post, and you cover more topics than I have been finding in Google, but all in one place! There are a few apps that will allow you to overclock, such as SetCPU, however, you have to have a kernel that will allow you to overclock. I had it easy with my defy, there is an app called milestone overclock which can boost me up to 1200MhZ.
RFRSH -Refresh for Android at the market place makes you able to schedule reboots and run apps on a schedule. Hearing about the over clocking i have an epic 4g wit auto set its at 1000 is that the norm for my chip? Utility to access files on your android phone from PC via WiFi or USB with root privileges.
Before moving to best apps for rooted android 2016 collection we would like to introduce how you can root your mobile phone without pc. There are many advantages of having a a rooted phone as it has got its own advantages and has a control of rooting on phones that have android technology. 50 Top Root Apps For Rooted Android Mobile 2016Since we are all so engrossed in the world of phones, let’s read a thing or two about Androids, more commonly called the Droids. Check this link to know how you can easily ROOT your android device without PCThere are multiple best root apps available in the market. Being one of the best rooted apps, the background application of your cellphone would reduce the precious battery, even when it is not in use. This best android root apps is quite useful for those individuals who like to often flash their android phone. This is one of the best root apps 2016 which is suitable for enthusiasts who always want to or have the desire to flash the new ROMS. With the help of this best apps for rooted android you can install your favorite ROMs over the air! Basically, with this app, you can simply overclock the phone, making it easy to fly just like a butterfly, and simply increasing the battery life. Frankly, this app is quite suitable for those want to clean the unnecessary RAM and dig into the RAM of the phone and even clear the basic usages involved in background apps. There are various individuals especially the ones who use Android devices who like using this app. Solid explores is one of the best android root apps 2016 and one of the interesting aspects of this tool is that it is one of the most trusted tool. Root app deleter is one of the best root apps, which helps you easily manage system apps for your android system. Device control is another top root app that helps control the multiple features of the device along with the extra nice features like Task Manager, App manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemenager etc. Most of the Android phone users have small internal SD cards, with very low memory ranging from 4GB to 32GB in general.
Most of the applications that we download from Playstore, saves the application data on internal SD card, and not on the external SD card, hence causing loss of space in the internal memory. Or have you ever been in a situation where you want to share the WiFi password of random characters with someone? Whether you’re a fan of the massive screen or not, the Nexus 6 is going to be one of the best Android phones of the year. A total of three ads showed up at this URL, though the page is no longer functional at this time. Titanium Backup is a powerful (you guessed it) backup utility which stores your apps, app data, and system data on your SD card for safekeeping. While it does require a little experience to use, it’s a lot easier than using recovery boot to do it yourself. ROM Manager does this through Koushik Dutta's ClockworkMod Recovery (Koush, coincidentally, is also the author of ROM Manager). Using Clockwork Recovery (which must be installed to use the app, and can be done, as shown above, from inside ROM Manager), you can create full system images for easy restoration. ShootMe is a screenshot app that allows you to take a screenshot of your Android device with a simple shake, without the need for a computer. This includes pesky background mobile data services like Twitter or Facebook, potentially saving a lot of battery life while your phone is idle. For the average user, it certainly is a solid file explorer with a likeable interface, though I’d hesitate to call it as feature-rich as Astro. Unfortunately there is no live feed of the log being generated, and currently no app which can read a .pcap file is available on Android.
Speeds up browsing experience as the ads aren't downloaded along with the site and even blocks many ads from displaying in many of the ad supported apps! He didn't pretend it didn't exist, it just didn't make his list of what he believes are the best apps.
This article is under the Tips section of an android fan site, what level of journalistic ethics or integrity are you looking for?
Rooting, etc.), it shouldn’t extend to whether or not we can block certain ad sites from invading our devices. However, I discovered that my phone got a bit "slow" so I started to check into what might cause the problem. It allows you to overclock your phone and make it run faster than it was intended I believe.
For example, the stock kernel in the LG Ally doesn't allow for overclocking, but it will allow for underclocking. For some odd rason, Barnacle doesn't seem to generate a good enough ad-hoc network for my laptop to see it, yet on my Moto Droid 1 with rooted FRG22D, Wireless Tether works flawlessly.
In fact, my phone seems to run at the same frequency stock as it does with any other kernel, rom, etc. It detects what settings your specific chip can safely handle and what the lowest energy drain you can stabley set. By this link you can root your mobile phone and can use this amazing best rooted apps 2016 in your android phone. Android OS are considered as one of the best and interactive software which provides an user-friendly interface. Here we have shared the latest all new top root apps which you will love to have in your android devices. Rooting your Android phone enables you to use the super user, or root, permissions of the Linux-based operating system (OS). This is quite effective in improving and increasing the life of the battery of your android device. Basically, this one of the best root apps 2016 which is often used for taking the backup of the ROM and data.
This tool is quite suitable for the new versions of the android OS in the Android smartphone.

Even one can easily get this tool downloaded through this app and save the time in continuously searching it online. Basically, there are various apps which are the best apps for rooted android and has the ability to the similar function however, the extensive amount of support and the interactive interface is something while beats it from other apps.
So, this app is one of the best rooted apps phone for extensive amount of providing extensive interface in a single step. Have you ever felt the phone becoming sluggish especially when you are playing games or you feel the phone has to be restarted because of heavy usage. These SD cards generally store big files like games, RSS feed content, podcasts videos, pictures, offline navigation etc.
This application can link the folders in the internal SD card to the folders in the external SD card, hence duplicating the content in the external card that already exists in the internal card. Has it happened with you that you need to connect a new device to the WiFi but you do not remember the WiFi password? It’ll certainly put up a very good fight against our current reigning champ, the LG G3. Once a ROM or other flashable ZIP file is selected, ROM manager will automatically reboot your phone and flash it through ClockworkMod Recovery. These data connections are the number one drainers of battery life when your phone is idle, so Juice Defender allows you to decide when, where, and how often you want them to be active. The ability to adjust CPU clock speeds on the fly to conserve battery is another feature of Juice which requires root permissions, and is as customizable as any of the app’s many functions. Quick Boot does 3 things, and 3 things only: it allows you to reboot, recovery boot, or bootloader boot with a single tap.
If I ask you what your favorite ice cream is and you say chocolate but mine is vanilla, does that mean you can't credibly assess what your favorite flavor is? Give the guy a break, he's doing the best he can and the rest of us appreciate his efforts. The fact is, I will never click through one of these ads and therefore, no less money will be generated for the developer by my blocking the ad from appearing in the first place. And with Android System Info I discovered that these adverts boost CPU from 20% to about 60-65%.
After downloadingcachemate and using you can't say it doesn't boost the overall performance of the phone.
I don't want to spread rumors, but I have heard from one or two people that Barnacle does drop clients more often than Wireless Tether (though this could be coincidence). I downloaded the overclock widget from the market for my gf (I paid only for my phone for SetCPU, don't want to make my girlfriend pay), and it only automatically sensed up to the normal freq of the processor. I would love to have that Snapdragon Processor, but until the Droid Pro comes out (been following Engadget) I'm going to wait. If you have still not rooted your android device, check out this best methods to root android without pc.
This gives you an app that take advantage of the root permissions more control over the Android operating system and the device. Being simple app, the basic functions present in it gets hibernated to the apps in the background. Also check our latest introduced best android launcher which will make your mobile usage very friendly. In addition, it provides a lot of options for backing up various specific applications and data. Basically, the app is very much useful for those Android devices which can easily support with a small and internal storage capacity.
The real usefulness of QuickBoot is in the ability to make home screen widgets for these functions, so they’re always at your fingertips (pun intended). I believe it is purely my right to use this app if I want to just like it is my right to use free tethering apps.
After successfully rooting your device, you will love to have our this amazing collection of best apps for rooted android 2016 edition.
With this one of the best android root apps, you have the extensive option to hibernate the apps and allow the remaining apps like whatsapps and facebook to run normally.
Even you could freeze the applications and try to convert them into much more entities or user apps. The Link2SD is one of the best apps for rooted android which helps in moving the given data of the app which has been installed in the second partition of the memory card. If he believes that an app that hurts developers is not a useful app, that is his prerogative. There are a few reasons to use CacheMate (particularly CacheMate since no other cache cleaning app does it [yet]). Its set to overlock to 800 Mhz (I've heard others have overclocked higher, but 800 was the most stable highest overclock I've heard). On Qd Tricks we receive lots of messages and email to post some best rooted apps 2016 edition on our website with guideline for android rooting.
Also check our this best android apps 2016 collection which you would like to have in your android device.
Critics feel this is one of the best rooted apps and something which you would need to try out. While it may be "less" necessary on a device with more internal storage, junk is junk and needs an easy way to be cleared, especially for those with hundreds of apps. Like people who refuse to buy app's or donate and especially the ones who try to sell "will root your phone for $30 bucks" when all they did is read a "how-to" guide..Anyway just wanted to say thanks to the devs and article writers and hopefully I'll at least make up for one idiot! So finally we evaluate some best rooted apps and listed out the best apps for rooted android. If all you have to do is deal with tiny adds here and there to support the people who make all this possible it's the LEAST you can do!
Here we are sharing our hand-picked collection of best root apps 2016 specially for our daily visitors.
Then, manually add cache to your device (this can be done via script that fills up any cache directory on data). I have spent a lot of time digging through all the directories on the SD card and little by little, the list has grown. Oh, and for good measure, putting a smile on someone's face when they see their internal memory reclaimed is always a good thing.

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