E-BibleSimilar to E-Sword, but without nearly as many expandable modules available, E-Bible is still a good study tool and is very easy to use. The Online BibleDon't be misled by the name, The Online Bible is a free downloadable Bible study software program. Okay, this isn't a Bible study program, but it is a free download of the Open Office Suite of software comparable in quality to programs you'd pay a great deal for otherwise.
Compatible with other major office program suites, without spending hundreds of dollars, and every bit as good.

Steps to GodA very good evangelistic program from Billy Graham Evangelistic Society, in .zip format and under 100k.
For maximum usability, be sure and download the additional Bible versions and study references. Still not as good as E-Sword, but with more resource modules available (many free, some for a fee) than E-Bible. The suite includes all the major programs a typical office might use, specifically Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math.

Download it here, and share it with someone today.Steps to GodSpecial thanks to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Society for allowing us to share this program!

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