A business card is one of the foremost things that you will need when you start a business. However, when the business is in incubation phase and we are running short of money, such cards appear trivial. Getting an online business card is easy as a lot of free web applications create it for you just the way you like it. There are 3 business card templates in this set designed specifically for designers and creative professionals. This little card becomes your identity and no compromise should be done on getting a card which speaks about you.
With internet at quick disposal, free business card design can be easily taken from any of the websites offering such services.
Do not hold back and forget this little piece of your business identity as it will go a long way in establishing your name.

This designer business card uses a typographic style which is very suited for those who want to market themselves as a go-to designer. There are plenty of websites which offer free business card design which you can customize and tweak to suit your requirements. Just explore and scour a few websites and you will stumble on your business card design accidently! You may download these designer business cards for free and use them even for commercial purposes.
The first two templates are in simple dark backgrounds while the third one is a double sided thin mini business card. Select from pre-designed business card templates and customize with your texts and symbols to build attractive cards.
It supports to export cards to image files with high quality which are printed for print shop.

EximiousSoft Business Card Designer provides more than hundreds of background images, logos, shapes, symbols, gradient styles.
Besides that, you can add your own drawing elements such as shadows, texts, lines, curves and your own photos for your design. EximiousSoft Business Card Designer works like a great Image Editor program that supports strongly Layer-editing. Any vector object such as shape, symbol, text, line, and curve can be filled and stroked with solid color, image, pattern and gradient colors high smoothly with different transparency value. EximiousSoft Business Card Designer enable you create your own shapes with Custom Shape Tool, gives the option to customize the width and height of business card to suit your requirements.

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