Lately in line with my #StressLess campaign I am on the lookout for any new ways to reduce my stress and anxiety in everyday life.
Once the design was done I received an email asking me to either confirm it or suggest changes. Few days after this at 8am a lovely courier delivered my business cards… all 500 of them.
I love it and next time I need something designed and printed I am going back to them; there is no question about it.

Simply provide us with your Restaurant or Takeaway menu and we can incorporate the design with your information. Is it just the name of the company and it has nothing to do with a stress free printing… oh hey, as I needed some new business cards for my blog I decided to give it a go.
For the last two years I have been wanting some cards for my blog, but like you have been put of by the time and process involved. I was asked to pick the basics… paper type and finish, any graphics I might want and all the information I want to include on my cards.

I had pretty good idea what I wanted as I imagined my cards over and over, but I didn’t know they might look so good! Not only did my business cards match my stated specification, they also look so much better that I envisioned they would.

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