If your business has low transactional volume, Business Budget Checking could be the perfect fit.
We invite corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and any business using a trade name to open a business checking account. This interest bearing checking account designed for Individual Business Owners pays you competitive rates. You can select the amount you wish to invest and enjoy a tiered rate of returns with this investment account. Cornerstone Bank offers different loans specifically designed to meet your business lending needs. We can finance your new building, help with your acquisition and provide you with the working capital to put your business on the map.

For the purchase or refinance of your company's building with amortization terms out to 20 years or even longer. Small Business Administration (SBA), New Jersey State Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and other county economic development authorities. This loan is intended for businesses that need to finance inventory, receivables, and supplies on a continual basis. Cornerstone Bank's commercial mortgages offer a solution for a business needing financing for many different property types.
Your company can benefit from their special loan programs which offer longer terms and lower rates. The remote deposit system is an invaluable investment in the financial stability of your business.

Our experienced lending team will work with you in preparing the necessary application materials, and we will let you know our credit decision promptly upon receiving your completed application. We'll help you get the hardware to scan and convert checks, ensuring that the funds are credited the next business day.

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