32 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter If you’re running a small or medium business and you’re want to create a website for your company, you are right to come here, because in this post we collect 50 free business website template from several web designers.
The Number of  internet user that use mobile devices for accessing internet is greatly increased, and if you want to make your corporate website more flexible and mobile friendly website, there are several free responsive business templates that you can download and use it to make your website look good on a variety of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet and an old computer with low-level screen resolution. Let’s look at some of these free website templates, and please don’t forget to check the license before downloading, because some of these template are available for personal use only and both for commercial projects.
HTML and CSS are web design and development languages and are used to format the content of the web.

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ABOUT EGRAPPLEREGrappler is a free portal for open source tools, plugins, scripts and controls for web developers and engineers. Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme. Although, thanks to the advancement in web development, working with these languages has become easier, but still designing and development of website from scratch can be quite tough and stressful.

The template contains a top menu with standard navigation and a fully functional horizontal accordion banner. Ideally, the website CSS template is supposed to be used by IT and web design related businesses.

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