Most of the time, amazing and unique web content is easy to come up with, but a good website layout is a little bit challenging. One will find editing a PSD file more difficult, especially if he or she is not familiar with how Photoshop works.Please take note that the free HTML5 templates come with a great array of features and these templates compete with many paid HTML website templates.
One last thing that must be noted about the HTML templates is that one can add to these templates various scripts, plug-ins and widgets to make the site look more creative, unique and with themes that match the website content.Photo Art Free HTML Template Photo Art should call to photographers and artists that express themselves by drawing or painting, although various designers might also find this theme useful.
Download Photo ArtVivid Free Photography Template This theme is for those who want a one-page website. It used the jQuery script for several features, though it has been constructed mostly using HTML and CSS coding. Vivid Photo is a theme that should be used for high-end products, as it looks very stylish and modern. While great attention has been give to the portfolio feature, Core can be used for a great variety of website content. The layout is available in both boxed and full versions and you should provide your email address if you download the file, unless you already subscribed. Download Free ScienceHosting Website Template The developers of this template usually receive requests for hosting website themes, so you can be sure this theme is a good one. By utilizing the most up to date website upgrading elements, KiteSurf allows user to input feedback, monitor their progress, and enjoy entertaining computer graphics and animations.
It takes pride in its fulfillment of all template standards as well as its availability to everyone, being an open-source template. If you are not sure this theme will suit your needs, you can check out the live demo, however ,giving it a test drive is really easy since it comes for free. Download Good CookMondays Free HTML Template Those who like a minimalist look for a website should really get this template. More Info PhotographersFirst Business Website Template First is a template that will help boost your presence on the internet. The template uses a dark blue background color perfect for those who have problems when seeing light colors for an extended period of time. Depending on how you find it easier to work with the files, you can get the PSD format as well, or just the code.

More Info First TemplateDesign Company HTML Template This free template uses the round about shapes jQuery script for the gallery in the header while the gallery page uses the Looped Slider.
More Info Design CompanyRight Direction Site Template While you can get this website template free, its purchase brings the PSD files and three more templates. If your business develops into a corporation or has many products to display, this template will help improve its popularity. Accessing the site under various operating systems and screen sizes will pose no issues as the template has already been tested for compatibility. More Info Business ProjectFree Template for Restaurant This free template has been created for a website dealing with cooking, including a restaurant. Some of the pages of the template are contact and about us, services offered as well as pages for the foods and drinks available.
More Info Free TemplateBusy Mode Site Template This is a template for a portfolio that has been tested on various platforms. The personalization may seem limited as it only allows the user to change the logo, images and the text. To give emphasis to the magnificence of the images included, the navigation bar only appears once the cursor is placed on the gray tab. Everyone, including commercial organizations can utilize and modify the template as long as the links underside is kept. Also, simply placing the mouse pointer on top of the link displays the information readily. The template structure allows you to speak about your organization-the services you offer, the clients you satisfy, and the opportunities you open. The developer enjoys the ease of editing while the user takes pleasure in its effectiveness. Parallel to the minimalist approach, the beauty of the template radiates from it clutter-free and sleek design.
Practicality is induced through the columnar arrangement which saves space and lessens navigation confusion.
The openhouse lay out gives off an impression that one is welcome to visit the page anytime he pleases.

By utilizing such template, one can put on view his or her portfolio to attract possible clients, investors, supporter, and business partners at the same time. As a template, it is aims not only to attract the attention of parents but also to capture the interest of the children. Since the product being represented involves the visual sense, the website must be able to simulate such.
The template features a slideshow that would display up-to-the-minute activities and developments, past ventures, future plans, and sections dedicated for achievements. This Free Website Template for Efficient Business Project seems to have it all- functionality, design, substance, and navigation.
A plain background accented with vibrant colors of nature is indeed one perfect reflection of renewal; not to mention the comforting free access that everyone is entitled of. This layout is ideal for tough organizations such as construction, production, military, and automobile industries. Key techniques applied include in-paragraph links, bigger text for emphasis, and quick access to specific pages.
Through this, all components of the Free HTML Templates are scaled down so as to fit the needs of smaller businesses. By investing on a single page, navigation becomes easier to handle as almost every link is placed in one page.
For such, the perfect template is one that is solemn- made up of neutral colors that would help one reflect even by just staring at the computer screen. I’ve a project that I am just now operating on, and I have been at the glance out for such info. For images used on this site, copyright remains with the original image creator unless otherwise specified.

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