Creating a website for your gaming clan is a great way to enhance communication within your group, keep your members informed as well as recruit new gamers. While you can choose to create a clan website from scratch or using a versatile DIY site builder, generally it’s easier to use a specialized web service that provides specially designed features.
Though there are many specialized clan builders out there, you can equally benefit from using a versatile site builder for your guild, too.
This site builder offers an impressive user management platform that will help you effectively manage your clan members.
The best thing about uCoz is that it lets you extend and develop your website as your community grows.
Lots of Clash of Clans player have asked me in the past how to create a professional looking Clan Website for their Clan without having much knowledge or paying a lot of money for it.
First of all you might ask yourself why you need a Clan Website while you have all the clan management tools within the game.
Like mentioned in the very beginning of this post I will now show you how you can set up your own Clan Website and Forum with iClanWebsites in a few minutes. The first and obvious step is signing up at iClanWebsite here with an email address and then you’re basically good to go. Again, you don’t need to and you can have a very beautiful theme with changing colours yourself.
There are also a lot more things available  which you can simply drag-and-drop into your layout like social widgets etc.
I would recommend you to post this in your Clan Description so everybody will have a place to check out Clan News and make discussions out of the in-game chat. You can also cancel your premium plan anytime you decide to not need it anymore so trying out is something you can do for sure. If you’re worried about the costs please be informed that there’s a donation tool so everyone in your Clan is able to donate something to the monthly costs directly to your account – divided by your Clan the costs are way less than 1 USD for each!

It’s great that you can post news on your Clan Website but sometimes people are just not checking it themselves. As mentioned above you can customize your theme yourself but there are also beautiful premium themes you can use.
Another big advantage is that the premium plan offers you a version without any advertising on your website. I don’t think I have to tell you how complicated it is keeping 50 members organized with the chat tool within the game. They have done something in the settings and your RSS feed link doesn’t work anymore. Veteran player, just made brand new clan, come join the Bane of Sithis and let us make this crew legendary! AllClash is your daily source for News, Rumours and Strategies for #clashofclans, your favourite mobile game. Want Fresh Clash News & Tactics?Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and get all the fresh stuff directly in your inbox. A well-designed website can easily become your ‘official’ center of communication so that everyone knows what’s going on.
If you know your way around uCoz, for example, you can easily set up a clan website with it.
Please keep in mind that the basic package is totally free and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The activity feed is something we will set up very soon so don’t worry if your new website looks a little empty right now – this will change very soon! It simply makes things much more easier for you because you have a good-looking and professional theme for just a few bucks. You have now changed the look and feel but maybe you want to arrange some of the things a little differently?

Also, feel free to make links to useful AllClash posts for your clan members to help them get better in Clash of Clans. Hopefully this website is able to fulfill all the basic needs of your Clan and takes it to the next level.
With this feature you’re able to notify your users via email whenever you post something new on your Website.
With a Voice Server you can talk all the time with your clan member and have your hands free for Clashing. When you change the description characters to 999 it resets it to 200 and link won’t work.
It even helps users set up their own voice servers to communicate with ease while in game (users can choose between TeamSpeak 3, Mumble and Ventrilo). If you want to create a simple central hub for all communication between you and your fellow members, you’ll get more than enough within the free plan of uCoz. You can also simply purchase one of the premium templates if you want to save yourself the time – they costs about 11 USD and there are also dedicated Clash of Clans Themes available.
Anyway iClanWebsites offers a ton of extra features you can use, when you sign up for a premium plan –  quite affordable when you think how easy it is to build  a professional Clan Website for Clash of Clans with it.
Use of the trademarks and other intellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercell's Fan Kit Agreement. Large footer that is devided on left and right can hold a lot of information about your clan website.

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