I don’t need to tell you that the Internet has given us access to more free knowledge than ever before. You don’t receive college credit for completing a MOOC course, but you do get a grade and a certificate of mastery.
The day has arrived when all of us can say we’ve taken a course through Harvard, Princeton or MIT. This entry was posted in Creative Inspiration and tagged Circuits and Electronics class MIT, free education courses, free online classes Ivy League universities, Harvard courses free, Harvard courses online, Harvard free online education courses, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology free online courses, Massively Open Online Courses Harvard, Massively Open Online Courses MIT, Massively Open Online Courses Princeton, Massively Open Online Courses University of Pennyslvania, MIT courses online, MOOC, MOOC program, online college courses for free, open enrollment online classes, University of Michigan free online classes, University of Pennsylvania online courses.
Online is definitely a big part of the future for education – from acknowledged experts or peer-to-peer.

Just one glance around a restaurant, coffee shop or retail store, and you’re bound to see people Googling manically on their smartphones (hopefully about something other than the latest Hollywood gossip).
MIT’s first stab at the free online courses, a Circuits and Electronics class offered in March, attracted 120,000 enrollees. The question is, how many of us are going to take these Ivy League institutions up on their offer?
But a new concept called Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC is the catchy acronym) is bringing the idea of accessible education to a whole new level. Only 10,000 completed the course, but the experiment is still a giant leap toward building a global community of learners.

Whether we’re taking online education courses or researching our latest obsessions on Wikipedia, one thing is clear: the only limit to how much information we accumulate is ourselves. The idea is simple: Universities like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are starting to offer free online courses, and everyone — that includes you, writer — can enroll.
Higher-education heavy hitters like Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan have also signed on to offer MOOCs in the near future.

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