EmailLongtime readers will know that I have been using Credit Karma to monitor my credit score for a while now. In 2012, Credit Karma also added free credit monitoring, which alerts you in the event of any hard or soft credit inquiry, a new credit account being started, late payment updates, or any updates to your personal information. While this site is very helpful in getting you free reports periodically, you only get one free report from each bureau annually. Now, via Credit Karma, you can access your full TransUnion credit report for free, at any time, and as often as you would like.
Update: as of January, 2015, Credit Karma is now offering free continuous credit report (and score) access for Equifax as well!

A list of all open and closed accounts including name, type, dates, limits, terms, payment history, utilization, and contact information if you need to correct any errors. Sign up for a free Credit Karma account and it will get you full and immediate access to your free credit report, as well as credit score and credit monitoring (optional). In my previous Credit Karma review, I addressed a lot of concerns that people might have around privacy and security in using the service.
You are actually signing up for a monthly subscription and it is a free 7 day trail period. The free consumer credit information service (best way I can think of to describe it) built its name by offering free TransUnion credit scores to its users at a time when everyone else was charging for it.

It does not provide a cost-efficient way to continuously monitor your report for changes, errors, and discrepancies. The best strategy for using it, is to put a calendar reminder every 4 months and rotate through each of the three reports.
This way, you can stay on top of any changes more frequently throughout the year and correct any errors.

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