However, your lenders won’t accept excuses for why they you didn’t pay them as you agreed to do.  For example, your bankcard company cannot make excuses for being late in paying the merchants where you made your purchases.
One of the best ways to establish a great credit history is to demonstrate that you can manage credit and pay all of your bills as agreed.
Late payments will likely cost you in penalties and can cause your interest rate to rise significantly. But, when you miss an entire payment for the month, it will be reported in your credit history and can have a terrible impact on your credit. So, even if it is only the minimum amount, make a promise to start paying every bill on time. But you may not know that when lenders consider doing business with you, they are going to analyze your utilization rate. Some people make the mistake of closing old credit accounts simply because they aren’t using the accounts anymore. But older credit accounts with good history can actually help you build your scores over time. Closing the account will mean that great credit history will get deleted after 10 years, which could actually drop your score. Many people don’t realize that they are able to access their credit report for free from each credit bureau every year.
This means you could pull your credit report every 4 months from a different bureau to look for signs of fraud. It is important to review your credit report regularly to make sure your identifying information is correct so that all of your accounts can be correctly linked to you.
If the lender changes the status of their account, they will also report the update to any other credit reporting company to which they provide their data.

If you have a delinquent payment listed and you don’t agree that it was late, you may want to check directly you’re your lender to find out why their records do not agree with yours. Remember that your goal is not just to make sure that your credit report is accurate with Experian.  You want to make sure that your information is correct with the source so that it won’t impact your terms with that lender and that it will be reported correctly by that lender to all who check your credit references. By following these five strategies, you can begin the process of building a great credit history, which will produce great credit scores.
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And lower credit scores will often penalize you with higher interest rates – which can end up costing you tens-of-thousands of dollars throughout your life. You see, paying your bills as agreed shows that you’re trustworthy and diligent in paying off debts.
They will trust you to be a good customer and are more likely to offer you their best rates and lowest down payments. This news blog provides our perspective on issues and trends affecting our businesses and our constituents in North America, while occasionally touching on Experian global news.
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